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Student/Alumni Mentoring - Educational Administration

The Penn State College of Education Student/Alumni Mentoring Program with alumni from Educational Administration.

Educational Administration

Reed Hankinson – ’92 BS Elementary Education

Reed is the co-founder and Director of Programs for EduLink Inc. in Pittsburgh, PA. EduLink Inc. works closely with school districts, colleges, and universities as well as other educational agencies throughout Pennsylvania and across the country to provide programs and services that help improve education. Reed was featured as an alumni profile in our 2012 Penn State Education magazine.

Kimberlee Kiehl - '90 Ph.D. Curriculum and Instruction

Kim is the Project Director, Museum of Ohio, Ohio History Connection. Previously she was the executive director of the Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center where she directed a three school early childhood education program that used the Smithsonian Museums as a backdrop for learning. Kim was featured as an alumni profile in our 2013 Penn State Education magazine.

Steven Lin - '05 BS Elementary Education

Steven is the principal at the Fishburn Park Elementary School in the Roanoke City Public Schools. His responsibilities include staff management (recruitment, hiring, development, and evaluation), program development, logistical assistance, stakeholder communications, policy enforcement, promotion of educational guidelines, and curriculum support. He also taught fifth grade for eight years at E.W. Chittum Elementary School in VA. Steven was featured as an alumni profile in our 2013 Penn State Education magazine.

Lannie Milon – ’07 Ph. D. Educational Leadership

Lannie is the Performance and Continuous Improvement Manager for the Houston Independent School District in Houston, TX. He provides training to faculty and staff at 54 high school campuses, manages performance standards and objectives across the district, assistant managers and principals with the application of performance data to inform professional development, and administers and monitors activities related to effectiveness. He has taught is some of the nation’s largest schools and served as a school principal. Lannie was featured as an alumni profile in our 2015 Penn State Education magazine.

Adam Nye – ’10 BS Education and Public Policy

Adam is the Director of City as Our Campus at Winchester Thurston School in Pittsburgh, PA. City as Our Campus is a resource for our teachers to extend and deepen student learning by utilizing and partnering with community co-educators. He previously worked in museums and nonprofit advocacy organizations. He is interested in how informal learning institutions can be integrated into formal schooling and in how the collaboration of different community-based organizations can lend itself to the educational outcomes of children, the well-being of families, and the improvement of the community. Adam was featured as an alumni profile in our 2013 Penn State Education magazine.

George Santiago - '86 M. Ed. and ’94 Ph. D. Educational Administration

George is president of TCI College of Technology in New York City, a position he has held since May 2016. Prior to TCI, George was president of Briarcliffe College in Bethpage, New York, a four-year institution with two campuses on Long Island and online. For the past 29 years, George has built a successful career in higher education. He started in student affairs, migrated to academic support services and then moved into academic affairs. For six years, he was the executive associate director of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) where he was responsible for 145 colleges and universities in that region. He was honored with the 2016 Penn State Distinguished Alumni Award as well as the Alumni Excellence Award in 2013 from the Penn State College of Education Alumni Society. George was featured as an alumni profile in our 2015 Penn State Education magazine.

Cathy Tomon – BS Elementary Education; MSA in Administration and Supervision; ED.D Doctor of Education

Cathy is the principal of Beaufort Middle School in Eastern North Carolina. She is the Executive Director of the North Carolina Middle School Association, sits on the National Forum to Accelerate Middle Grades Reform, and is the director of the North Carolina State Schools To Watch program. 

Dr. Joseph Clapper -- BS Elementary Education/Secondary English Ed; M.Ed. Elementary and Secondary Principal; D.Ed. Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Clapper has experience as an elementary school teacher, secondary English teacher, elementary and secondary principal, and superintendent. He is currently serving as Assistant Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Principal's Association. His areas of expertise include classroom teaching and teacher supervision/evaluation. 

John J. Czerniakowski -- BS Teacher Education; MS School Administration; D.Ed. Educational Administration

John has been an assistant principal at both the middle and high school level, and he has been a principal at the elementary, middle, and high school level. He has served as a district superintendent, federal programs coordinator, state mentor for principals, and site coordinator for the Community College Project. In total, he has 29 years of experience in school administration. His areas of expertise include teacher/principal supervision and evaluation, mentoring, public relations, and student achievement.

Tracy Hinish -- BS Elementary Education; M.Ed. Administration; D.Ed. Educational Leadership and Administration

In her career, Tracy has been an elementary school teacher, elementary principal, education consultant, director for curriculum, and assistant executive director of an Intermediate Unit. She has also chaired several state conference committees and has been a member of the executive boards of both the PA School Study Council and PASA Women's Caucus. Her particular areas of expertise include curriculum, professional development, and supervision.