Middle Level English Option

The Middle Level (ML) English option in the Elementary & Early Childhood Education (EECE) program is designed to support the growth and English content understanding beginning with children in fourth grade and continuing into the eighth grade. The ML English option was developed using guidelines recommended by the National Council of Teachers of English. The ML English option also uses the Penn State Teacher Education Performance Framework to guide the instruction and learning within the EECE ML English courses.

Student teacher leading class

Major Requirements

Undergraduate students interested in the ML English option generally take general education courses and Entrance to Major (ETM) requirements during their first two years and apply to the program during their 4th semester (usually during the sophomore year).

Upon entrance to the major, teacher candidates take the required courses to complete the option during their final two years. This includes taking the courses in the Arts & Literacy block during their third year.

Student Teaching

During the final year, teacher candidates complete their field experience through the Professional Development School (PDS).

PDS candidates are placed in a full year of student teaching while also taking courses in the Integrated Inquiry Block during the fall semester. They will be placed in a 6th grade “home base” classroom and a 7th or 8th grade content classroom for the full year. Students will follow the school calendar year for the district they are placed, instead of the Penn State calendar.

After Graduation

Upon successful completion of all requirements for graduation, students receive a Bachelor of Science degree. For teacher certification, students must also meet all clearance and testing requirements specified by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

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