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If you are experiencing a problem with your computer and would like assistance in resolving it, please fill out our Technical Assistance Form or call our Help Desk 865-0626.

About Us

The mission of the Carrara Education Technology Center is to provide outstanding technical consultation, support, and training for the exceptional educators, scholars, researchers, and students, at Penn State College of Education, helping to advance the profession of education through the safe, efficient, and innovative uses of technology.

The Carrara Education Technology Center is staffed by an experienced team of system, network, computer and application professionals who support and work with the administration, faculty, and staff in the College.

As time and schedules permit, CETC personnel can be included in sponsored projects to facilitate technical assistance, support, design, and project development. Approval must be obtained after full project scope and planning have been discussed and negotiated.

Before connecting to the College of Education network, all users must read and understand the conditions set forth in the following Penn State and College of Education Information Technology Policies.