Academic Advising

Academic advising is a structured activity on campus that provides opportunities for one-on-one interaction with a concerned representative of the University. For this reason, and others, it is strongly encouraged that you regularly meet with your assigned adviser.  If you are in a certification program, your adviser will be an advocate for you to move as seamlessly as possible through the certification process, helping to ensure you meet all Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) requirements.

Certification Center staff are available to provide assistance with Department of Education policies and procedures to students in teacher certification degree programs.

In the College of Education, your academic adviser can assist you with:

  • Assuming responsibility for meeting academic program requirements
  • Crafting a coherent educational plan
  • Using information from various sources to set and achieve educational goals
  • Connecting with student organizations and support services
  • Articulating the meaning of higher education and the intent of the University's curriculum requirements
  • Integrating into professional life through internships and career development opportunities


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