Dr. Kathy L. Ruhl

Dr. Kathy L. Ruhl
Phone: 8148632012
Office Address:
208 Cedar Bldg
University Park, PA 16802
Campus: University Park


Professor of Education (Special Education)


Educational Psychology, Counseling, and Special Education


Special Education


Dr. Ruhl is Professor of Special Education. Her scholarly interests are in the area of quality teacher preparation in Special Education, Applied Behavior Analysis, intervention at the post-secondary level for adults with learning disabilities, and emotional/behavioral disorders of children and youth. Professor Ruhl has been director of co-director of multiple leadership preparation grants and teaches SPLED 401, SPLED 540, and parts of the World Campus offering of the ABA program.

Areas of Expertise

Special Education

Applied Behavioral Analysis

Teacher Preparation

Pre-service Teachers

Office Hours

Wednesdays 1:15-2:15 and by appointment

Education History

PhD 1983 University of Florida Special Education MEd 1973 University of Louisville Special Education-Behavior Disorders BA 1971 University of Kentucky Elementary Education

Representative Publications

            Ruhl, K. L., Hughes, C. A., & Schloss, P. J. (1987). Using the pause procedure to enhance lecture recall. Teacher Education and Special Education, 10 (1), 14-18

             Camarata, S. M., Hughes, C. A., & Ruhl, K. L. (1988). Mild/moderate behaviorally disordered students: A population at risk for language disorders. Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools, 19, 191-200.

             Ruhl, K. L., Hughes, C. A., & Gajar, A. H. (1990). Efficacy of the pause procedure for enhancing learning disabled and nondisabled college students' long- and short-term recall of facts presented through lecture. Learning Disability Quarterly, 13, 55-64.

             Ruhl, K. L., & Berlinghoff, D. (1992). Research on improving behaviorally disordered students' academic performance: A review of the literature. Behavioral Disorders, 17 (3), 178-190.

             Ruhl, K. L., Hughes, C. A., & Camarata, S. (1992). Analysis of the expressive and receptive language characteristics of emotionally handicapped students served in public school settings. Journal of Childhood Communication Disorders, 14 (2), 165-176.

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            Ruhl, K. L., & Suritsky, S. (1995). The pause procedure and/or an outline: Effect on immediate free recall and lecture notes taken by college students with learning disabilities. Learning Disability Quarterly, 18 (1), 2-11.

             Ruhl, K. L. (1996). Does nature of student activity during lecture pauses affect notes and immediate recall of college students with learning disabilities? Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability, 12 (2), 16-27.

             Ruhl, K. L.& Tracey Hall (2002) Continuum of Special Education and General Education Field Experiences in the Preservice Special Education Program at Penn State.  Teacher Education and Special Education 25(1), 87-91.

              Scheeler, M. C., McAfee, J. K., Ruhl, K. L.& Lee, D. L. (2006) Effects of Corrective Feedback Delivered via Wireless Technology on Preservice Teacher Performance and Student Behavior. Teacher Education and Special Education 29 (1), 12-25.  (WINNER CEC-TED 2007 Publication AWARD)

               Wannarka, R., & Ruhl, K. L. (2008). Seating arrangements that promote positive academic and behavioral outcomes: A review of empirical research.  Support for Learning  23(2), 89-93.

               Wannarka, R., Ruhl, K., & Kubina, R. (2014). Using peer-mediated constant time delay to teach content-area vocabulary to middle school students with disruptive behavior. Journal of Evidence-Based Practices for Schools, 14(1), 2-29



1992-97. Co-director, Program to Help Diverse Doctoral Students (PhDDS), USDOE,   $467,535

Aug 1999-Aug 2003. Director, Program to Help Doctoral Student Recruitment, Preparation, and Retention (PHDS RPR), USDOE, $781,738   (ranked 2 out of 79 applications)

Aug. 2003-Aug 2007. Director, Program to Help Doctoral Students Succeed (PHDSS), USDOE, $768,311

Aug. 2007-August 2014. Director, Preparing Outstanding Scholars for Special Education (POSSE), USDOE, $795,861

Aug. 2009-August 2014. Co-Director, Preparing Professor/Researchers of Evidence-based Practices (PPREP), USDOE, $799,967