Dr. William J. Rothwell

Dr. William J. Rothwell
Phone: 8148632581
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310B Keller Building
University Park, PA 16802
Campus: University Park


Professor of Education (Workforce Education & Development)


Learning and Performance Systems


Workforce Education and Development


William J. Rothwell is a Professor of Workforce Education and Development. His research interests focus around the competencies of workplace learning and performance professionals, succession planning and talent management. His recent books include Career Planning and Succession Management (Praeger, 2015), Organization Development Fundamentals: Managing Strategic Change (ATD Press, 2015), The Competency Toolkit, 2nd ed., 2 vols. (HRD Press, 2015), Creating Engaged Employees: It’s Worth the Investment (ATD Press, 2014), The Leader’s Daily Role in Talent Management (Institute for Training and Development [Malaysia], 2014), Optimizing Talent in the Federal Workforce (Management Concepts, 2014), Performance Consulting (Wiley, 2014), the ASTD Competency Study: The Training and Development Profession Redefined (ASTD, 2013), Becoming An Effective Mentoring Leader: Proven Strategies for Building Excellence in Your Organization (McGraw-Hill, 2013), Talent Management: A Step-by-Step Action-Oriented Approach Based on Best Practice (HRD Press, 2012), the edited three-volume Encyclopedia of Human Resource Management (Wiley, 2012), Lean But Agile: Rethink Workforce Planning and Gain a True Competitive Advantage (Amacom, 2012), Invaluable Knowledge: Securing Your Company’s Technical Expertise-Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent, Transferring Technical Knowledge, Engaging High Performers (Amacom, 2011), and Competency-Based Training Basics (ASTD Press, 2010).

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