My Unit

Fahrenheit 451

Article of the Week:

Heinrich Heine on Burning Books.pdf

The Death of Liberal Arts.pdf

Emerson's Nature.pdf

Lenses of Understanding:

The Fifties.pdf

Genre Exploration.pdf

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Nature Activity.pdf

    Nature Journal.jpg

Book Banning Forum.png

    Excerpts from Responses.pdf

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     Beats Response.png

Fire Essay.png

     Fire Response.png


    Reading Quiz

        Fahrenheit (day 2).pdf

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    Final Project

        Fahrenheit Project.pdf (Dyer)

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Hello and welcome to my tenth grade English unit for Fahrenheit 451.

If you would like to see activities and student samples from my unit, then click on the links to the right.

If you would like to read about how I differentiated instruction for this unit click on the link below.

Differentiating Instruction.pdf

To gain insight into my thought processes and the rationale behind my planning, check out my Inquiry Presentation.