Bernreuter Lecture Series

The Robert G. Bernreuter Lecture Series was established in 1983 with funds contributed primarily by Dr. Bernreuter’s friends and former students. In honor of Robert G. Bernreuter, a member of the Penn State faculty and staff from 1931 until his retirement in 1966 as Vice President for Student Affairs Emeritus, this fund provides for an annual lecture(s) on topical subjects of interest relating to school psychology.


In the picture above, taken in 1986, Professor Bernreuter is shown presenting a framed letter to Joseph L. French, then Director of the School Psychology Clinic, and faculty clinic supervisors Mary Ellen Sabatino, Mary Gail Becker, and Robert Hale. This letter, dated October 27, 1937, acknowledges approval of the Psychoeducational clinic (founded by Bernreuter) at Penn State "as a mental clinic for the examination of school children" by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Instruction. In the background is a picture of the architect's conception of the 3-story Center for Educational Diagnosis and Remediation (CEDAR), the facility which now houses faculty who teach and supervise functions started by Bernreuter in the 1930’s–school and educational psychology, counseling, and special education.

Bernreuter Lecturers
Year Lecturer
1982 Joseph L French (Penn State) 2015 Scott Poland (Florida)
1983 Theodore R. Vallance (Penn State) 2014 Howeard Knoff (Arkansas)
1982 Joseph L. French (Penn State) 2013 Dewey Cornell (Virginia)
1983 Theodore R. Vallance (Penn State) 2012 Sandra Christenson (Minnesota)
1984 Dale B. Harris (Penn State) 2011 Susan Swearer (Nebraska)
1985 Edward Zigler (Yale) 2010 Russell Gersten (Oregon)
1986 Robert L. Thorndike (Columbia) 2009 Beth Doll (Nebraska)
1987 Sarah Sparrow (Yale) 2008 James Ysseldyke (Minnesota)
1988 Janet Graden (Cincinnati) 2007 Stephen N. Elliott (Vanderbilt)
1989 James Tucker (PA Department of Education) 2005 Mark Shinn (National Louis)
1990 Jan N. Hughes (Texas A & M) 2004 Roland Good III (Oregon)
1991 Irwin A. Hyman (Temple) 2003 Daniel F. Reschly (Vanderbilt)
1992 William Logan (PA Assoc of Elementary & Secondary Schools) 2002 William W. Purkey (North Carolina)
1992 Frank Farley (Wisconsin)
1993 Cheryl L. Keenan (Pennsylvania Department of Education) 2001 Linda Goldman  (Ctr for Loss & Grief Therapy)
1994 Daniel J. Reschly (Iowa State)
1996 Gerald Bracey (Phi Delta Kappan) 2000 William R. Jenson  (Utah)
1997 George Albee
1998 Robert E. Slavin (Johns Hopkins)
1998 Cecil Mercer (Florida)
1999 Mark Greenberg (Penn State)
1999 Terry Gutkin (Nebraska)