Kitchens, Mailboxes, Computers


Kitchens are located on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors and are equipped with a few appliances. The facilities are for everyone’s use, but you must provide your own provisions and supplies. Coffee is provided for guests, but is not provided for employees or classes. It is expected that you clean up after yourself; this includes wiping spills on the counters, in the microwave, and in the refrigerator. Remember that items in the refrigerator are not for general use. You may keep your perishable items in the refrigerator, but you must put your name on it. Refrigerators are cleaned out at the end of each semester and all items remaining will be tossed.


Mailboxes for EDLDR students are located by the copier in the 2nd floor suite. Mailboxes for EDTHP students are located in the main suite on 3rd floor. Mailboxes for HIED students are located on 4th floor. If you have questions or need assistance, please see a staff member. Because of the number of students, individual mailboxes are not possible  Any mail or messages will be put in the appropriate mailbox. Please check it regularly. Mailboxes will be cleaned out by staff at the end of each semester.


The Department has wireless and wired desktop computers set up so that students can access their web mail, NVivo, SPSS, and the internet. These computers are located on the third floor graduate assistant area.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not store any work or personal files or documents on the Department computers.  If there is a problem with the computer, it could be reformatted or taken off the network at any time and that means loss of data for you.