Family Literacy Resources

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The Annotated Bibliography offers resources for professional development of family literacy educators.  A broad range of resources are available on the searchable database.  The intent is not to evaluate the quality of a resource but to provide a descriptive annotation that allows the reader to determine its relevance and usefulness.


Pennsylvania Center for the Book

Family Literacy activities were developed in cooperation with the the Pennsylvania Center for the Book. These research-based resources were designed for parents and educators working with parents and young children. Resources include (1) sample integrated lesson plans for Adult Education, Parenting Education, Early Childhood Education, and Interactive Literacy (also known as PACT Time); (2) developmental information guides for parents and practitioners; (3) recommended booklists for children’s books and parent resources; and (4) downloadable activities based on high quality children’s literature.

Pennsylvania Family Literacy Resources

The purpose of this website is to provide family literacy practitioners with the most recent and useful resources in curriculum, publications, professional development and websites.

Smithsonian Learning Lab

The Smithsonian Learning Lab offers free digital access to more than two million artworks, objects, videos, educational activities, and more from across the Smithsonian.  Using the Learning Lab’s authentic resources and innovative tools, parents, teachers, and learners of all ages can make discoveries, create personalized learning experiences, and share their creativity and knowledge with others around the world.

Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy

The Barbara Bush Foundation supports family literacy across the county where children and parents can succeed together.

National Center for Families Learning (NCFL)

NCFL exists to encourage family engagement as adults and children learn.

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