Digital Signs

The College of Education has 12 digital signs throughout its 4-building campus. Here is information about posting on the signs, and a link to see what is currently on display on the signs.

Digital signs are located in each building occupied by the College: Chambers, Rackley, CEDAR, and Keller.

View the Signs

Sign Images on the College of Education's Flickr site

How to submit an announcement

Members of our College community are welcome to submit messages for inclusion on digital signage. Suggestions for messages include:

  • Announcements for upcoming lectures, brown bags, receptions, etc., that are open to the general University community.
  • Upcoming student organization meetings
  • Welcome messages for visitors - “Welcome to our guests from X University,” for example
  • Advisory notices for students – upcoming deadlines, etc.
  • Congratulatory announcements for faculty, staff and student accomplishments
  • Other suggestions regarding the signs are also welcome.

If you would like to place messages on these signs, please send your requests to Please allow at least 48 hours for signs to be added into the rotation.

Design your own sign

If you would like to design the look of your own message for the signs, please create an image according to the following specifications:

  • NOTE: Please DO NOT use PowerPoint to design digital signs. The resulting image is not the correct size or resolution. Signs created in PowerPoint will be returned to be recreated in Photoshop or another photo or graphics application.
  • If creating the sign in Photoshop, please submit the .psd file. If not, please submit the image as a .jpg file. Files sent as PDF or other formats will be returned to the sender to be converted into .jpg files.
  • The optimal resolution for digital signs is 300 ppi. If that is not possible, make the resolution as high as possible, and at least 72 ppi. Images at a resolution lower than 72 ppi cannot be used and will be returned to the sender.
  • Image dimensions: width of 6000 pixels by a height of 2500 pixels.
  • Recommended number of words per sign: 50 or fewer.

    Send the image as an e-mail attachment to Wanda Wasilko at .
    The signage software does not support animation or sound. The Office of College Relations may edit any sign submission.