e-Data System Manual and Glossary

The e-Data System Manual/Glossary (.pdf) document is designed to assist users with efficient use of the e-Data v2 system.  This document defines data fields used in e-Data v2.  Familiarity with these terms will assist you in entering, summarizing, and analyzing program data for reporting purposes, and for program planning and improvement.

The Data Entry Quick Reference Guide (.pdf) guide was developed to assist data entry users when entering data into the e-Data system.  The information in this document was pulled directly from the e-Data System Manual.

The e-Data Navigation for View Only Users video was developed to assist View Only users when navigating the e-Data system.  This video presentation explains how to navigate the e-Data system using short video segments for each of the e-Data elements, such as classes, groups, pairs, adults, staff, contracts, families and children.  This allows viewers to watch only the sections relevant to your program. This presentation is not a substitute for the e-Data v2 Introduction data entry training.  The video segments do not cover data entry procedures.