Scholarship and Research Integrity Requirement (UP)

The Adult Education Program (ADTED), in the College of Education, submits this plan.

Part 1.  Online RCR Training Program

Incoming Fall 2009 students will be notified of this requirement via email and/or letter, choice determined by when applicant acceptance material are sent.  All students are accepted on a rolling basis and will be expected to complete the CITI test within the first two semesters and will provide proof of completion of this requirement to our staff assistant.  The Professor-in-Charge of ADTED, in consultation with each student’s advisor, will monitor completion and will have final responsibility for ensuring that each student complies with this requirement.

Part 2.  Five hours of discussion-based RCR Education

For doctoral students, five hours of discussion will be provided in our 3-credit graduate course, ADTED 550, Qualitative Research in ADTED, taught by Fred Schied.  All doctoral students are required to take this course, so all will complete this requirement prior to graduation.

Also, students are required to receive an Office of Research Protection Certificate as part of their doctoral candidacy exam. 

Master’s students will have a week-long session in ADTED 507 (a required course for all master’s students) that examines ethical issues in research. The session involves robust discussion of research ethics, human subjects’ protections; etc.  Much of the reading for this unit is from the Penn State IRB Basic Training site. 

RCR topics to be discussed

 All topics listed on the SARI guidelines sheet, with the exception of the animal welfare topic, are covered in ADTED 550.