Activity Insight is a web based application powered by Digital Measures that faculty use to create Faculty Activity Reports (Annual Performance Review), University Dossiers, NIH and NSF Biosketches, accreditation reports, and web profiles. This guide outlines how and where to enter information into Activity Insight. In June 2018, Digital Measures joined Watermark.



The benefits of using Activity Insight are that faculty enter their information once and then can use it in many different ways. Official data is imported for you, such as:


-----Courses Taught data from the University Budget Office,

-----SRTE data from Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence

-----Contracts, Grants, Fellowships, and Sponsored Research data from the Office of Sponsored Programs. 


College-wide and University-wide reports are created consistently and efficiently.  Other reports such Vitas, Senior Faculty (Post Tenure), and Promotion to Senior Lecturer reports are also available.  


Existing accounts can be transferred to and from other Universities and Digital Measures is used by more than 60% of the largest US campuses.


Currently, only full-time faculty have an Activity Insight profile. Access to Activity Insight is given to new full-time faculty members one month after their hire date. If access is needed sooner, please contact Wendy Williams ([email protected]),
the CoED AI College Administrator.


Proxy access gives a staff or faculty member the ability to enter information and/or run reports on a specific faculty member’s behalf. Only the faculty member can submit a request to have a proxy for their records. 


To access Activity Insight for Penn State go to:


Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari are all supported browsers for this program.


You will sign in to the program using Penn State’s WebAccess credentials and two-factor Duo Authentication.


The screens available from the Manage Activities tab and all of the fields available have been customized for the College of Education.


If you have any questions, or need assistance, please send an email to Wendy Williams ([email protected]), the CoED AI College Administrator.

Training and Support

The University's Activity Insight staff offer trainings in August and May.  These sessions are recorded and available from the Activity Insight Training webpage.

To schedule college specific training, please contact Wendy Williams ([email protected]), the AI Administrator for the College of Education.

For questions, comments, or requesting assistance, please contact Wendy Williams ([email protected]), the CoED AI College Administrator.