The College of Education's Curricular Affairs Committee reviews all course and program proposals submitted by departments. After the committee reviews and approves the proposals, they are forwarded to the Faculty Senate or the Graduate School.   Questions about the curricular process can be directed to Christi McClellan ([email protected]).

The Curricular Affairs Committee includes representation from each of the College's four departments, as well as a representative from the Faculty Council.

Important Curriculum Dates

Important Curriculum Documentation

David Gamson (Department of Education Policy Studies)
Susan Bass

Peggy Van Meter (Department of Educational Psychology, Counseling, and Special Education)
Chris Andrus

Susan Land (Department of Learning Performance Systems)
Susan Berzonsky

Julia Plummer and Kimberly Powell (Department of Curriculum and Instruction)
Jeanette Tressler

Wendy Coduti (Faculty Senate Curriculum Liaison)
Jeanine Staples (Graduate Council Liaison and Faculty Council Representative)

Gwen Lloyd (Dean's Office)
Rayne Sperling (Dean's Office)
Christi McClellan