Penn State has a very detailed policy about visiting scholars:  Policy AC01. Please take time to carefully review this policy. There are also extensive guidelines for hosts of visiting scholars that should be considered.


Visiting Scholar includes individuals from other universities, institutions, and businesses who are granted access to University facilities to provide instruction that is supervised by appropriate University Personnel, to conduct collaborative research, or to observe University instruction, administration, or research and who do not receive financial support from the University for their effort beyond travel and/or expense reimbursement and/or an honorarium, where appropriate and applicable. This definition includes visitors with the designation of “Visiting Researcher” or “Visiting Scientist.”  Visiting scholars are not University employees.


Visiting Scholar appointments are processed through the College's Office of International Programs.


Faculty members should discuss their interest in hosting a visiting scholar with their Department Head. Per AC01, the faculty member would hold the role of “institutional host” and the department head would serve as “administrative host” for the visiting scholar.  Please see Policy AC01 (Section II. A. and B.) for the responsibilities of the hosts.


It is necessary that both the faculty member and the Department Head are in favor of hosting this visitor. Together, they would need to have a clear understanding of what the visitor would do in the department and what to do to support the visitor. One thing they would need to discuss is what facilities/labs/resources in the department would be available to the visitor, as well as whether the visitor would receive office/desk space. The potential visitor should also be discussed with the other faculty members in the program area – the program area should also be in favor of having the visitor. 


Faculty members are encouraged to contact the Office of International Programs for assistance with the visiting scholar process. 


The faculty member and the department head will need to jointly sign the pieces of the application. Be aware that this process is quite lengthy and will take a significant amount of time.  


AC01 Visiting Scholars

The Pennsylvania State University Visiting Scholar Host Guidelines

Office of International Programs

Penn State Global


Supplementary Compensation Information for Full-time Academic and Exempt Staff


Supplementary I compensation has the effect of providing additional contractual obligation beyond the terms of a full-time Standing appointment.


Supplementary II compensation supplements full-time Standing or Fixed-Term I appointments for approved additional services provided during the same weeks of service of these appointments.