All full-time (tenured, tenure-track and non-tenuremembers may engage in Outside Business Activities up to an equivalent of forty (40) hours per month throughout the duration of his/her appointment period.  This includes all clinical, teaching, and research faculty and professors of practice.  (Does not apply to part-time academic faculty, staff,  graduate students, and postdoctoral appointments).

Faculty who conduct or engage in outside business activities are required to report annually these activities under policy AC80 Faculty Outside Professional Activities and Conflict of Commitments - (Formerly HR80).

Certain activities are expected of a faculty member as part of his or her normal scholarly activities and are not considered Outside Business Activities, as defined by this Policy (it does not matter whether a faculty member is paid to do them by a person or entity other than the University).  The following are examples of activities that do not count toward the hourly limitations for Outside Business Activities and do not require disclosure by faculty:   

-----Peer review of articles;

-----Peer review of grant proposals;

-----Presentations at professional meetings or other similar gatherings;

-----Leadership positions in professional societies;

-----Preparation of scholarly publications;

-----Unpaid (i.e. neither cash nor in-kind compensation) scholarly collaboration at another institution of higher education (Note: for faculty receiving federal funding, be sure to comply with policy RA20, Proposal Submission);

-----Editorial services for educational or professional organizations;

-----Service on advisory committees or evaluation panels for governmental funding agencies, nonprofit foundations, or educational organizations;

-----Service with accreditation agencies;

-----Conducting workshops for professional societies; or

-----Musical and other creative performances and exhibitions, if there is an expectation in the faculty member's discipline that he/she will engage in such performances or exhibitions.

Every Spring Semester, Faculty are required to disclose outside business activies using the Faculty Outside Professional Activities Form.  


Examples of Outside Business Activities which require annual disclosure include (but are not limited to) the following:

-----Private Consulting;

-----Serving as an expert witness;

-----Practicing a licensed profession, (e.g., veterinarian, architect, nurse, attorney);

-----Teaching for an Entity other than the University outside of the Appointment Period;

-----Outside Business Activities for a third party entity in which the faculty member holds non-public equity;

-----Becoming an employee of a company or other third party entity;

-----Serving on a board of directors outside of the University.

A faculty member must request and obtain prior written approval from his/her department head prior to engaging in the following Outside Business Activities:

-----Starting a company;

-----Exceeding the monthly time limits on Outside Business Activities (40 hours per month during the appointment period); - also requires dean’s approval

-----Involving students or staff in outside business activities;

-----Teaching for another university during the appointment period; and

-----Assuming an executive or management position for a third party. 

Such requests are made by submitting an Outside Business Activities Request form.