A sabbatical leave is "to provide a leave of absence with pay for purposes of intensive study or research which has as its outcome increasing the quality of the individual's future contribution to the University. A sabbatical is a privilege which may be granted to an individual who has demonstrated by publication, teaching, exhibition or performance an above average ability in scholarship, research, or other creative accomplishment."


CoED Sabbatical Leave Guidelines

Am I Eligible for a Sabbatical Leave? Is a web based form to assist faculty to unofficially determine if they are eligible for a sabbatical leave.  There are many factors that could affect eligibility that may not be included on this form.  To confirm eligibility, please contact the Office of the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs.

Penn State News July 30, 2021


Employees wishing to travel internationally must register their University-affiliated travel with the Travel Safety Network at least 30 days in advance or as soon as possible once travel is planned. All employees wishing to travel should first review the list of restricted countries, which includes countries restricted for security and regulatory reasons and also countries with a CDC Level 4 or Unknown COVID-19 Travel Health Notice. This list will be reviewed periodically and is subject to change. Additional forms, review and approval are required for travel to restricted countries.


Employees must receive approval for travel to restricted countries prior to purchasing airline tickets, hotel accommodations, etc. Travelers should arrange any necessary air travel through Anthony Travel, Penn State’s preferred travel agency, unless not possible to do so.



Employees planning travel for sabbatical to international destinations are encouraged to purchase additional insurance coverage for their travel. This travel is not covered by the University's plan. If you wish to obtain international health insurance coverage from UHCG for your personal travel, please email [email protected] with your name, travel dates, destinations, and school affiliation. Once received, a UHCG Product Specialist will be in contact within 24 hours Monday-Friday.


International Insurance for University-affiliated Travel