The following list of ideas for instructional sabbatical leave projects is meant to be suggestive, not exhaustive. The list provides some idea of the range of possibilities and their impact on the improvement of instruction.

Designing, administering, evaluating, and reporting research of teaching/learning effectiveness in the applicant's area of instruction.

The development of textbooks, computerized instructional programs, videotapes, etc., that enhance instruction in new or existing courses.

In-depth investigation and/or experience with teaching methods, technologies, programs, etc., that are being conducted at other institutions and have promise as models for improvements in the applicant's program.

Participation in an organized program in an external agency to develop new educational approaches or programs for the general public, or for students at the secondary or elementary levels.

Teaching in a novel situation–an inner-city high school, a foreign country, a different physical environment (agriculture, for example)–that provides experience which would have a positive impact on educational activities at Penn State.

Combinations of such activities, possibly including more traditional research activities, clearly fall within the purposes of the sabbatical leave program.