Dean María Schmidt 

Assistant Dean, Office of Education and Social Equity  

Dean Schmidt has dedicated her life to addressing issues of educational equity and college access for underrepresented students. Throughout her professional career at Penn State she has exercised several leadership positions such as Chair for the Commission on Racial/Ethnic Diversity and was awarded the 2005 Dr. James Robinson Equal Opportunity Award in recognition for her commitment and leadership in fostering diversity and her service to under-represented communities.

Brenda Martinez

Student Advocate Specialist, Office of Education and Social Equity

Efraín Marimón

Assistant Professor of Education

Director, Restorative Justice Initiative

Assistant Teaching Professor at The Pennsylvania State University in the College of Education. He develops community-embedded programs related to social justice, human rights, law, and education. He is the director of the Restorative Justice Initiative and the D.C. Social Justice Teaching Fellowship and founded the Street Law Program at Penn State Law. He also conducts training on law-related education for international groups.

Ellen Stroud

Associate Professor of History

Derek Kreager

Liberal Arts Professor of Sociology and Criminology

Director, Criminal Justice Research Center

His research focuses on social networks and criminal/delinquent behavior. Using network theories and methods, he studies how friendships and romantic relationships are associated with risk-taking and crime among adolescent students and adult prisoners. He also looks at how social relationships change over time and their impacts on criminal trajectories and desistance.

Lecinda Yevchak

Assistant Teaching Professor of Criminology

Crystal Ramsay

Joshua Inwood

Associate Professor of Geography and African Studies

Chair, Resident Graduate Admission for the Department of Geography

Research Associate, Rock Ethics Institute

His research seeks to understand the social, political and economic structures that make human lives vulnerable to all manner of exploitations, as well as how oppressed populations use social justice movements to change their material conditions. He has long-standing research interests focused on the movement to address human wrongs through truth and reconciliation commissions, specifically the burgeoning truth movement within the United States.

Deirdre O'Sullivan

Associate Professor of Education

Professor in Charge, Rehabilitation and Human Services 

Katharine Donnelly Adams

Assistant Teaching Professor, Psychology

A researcher in the Bilingualism and Language Development Lab at Penn State University. Her doctoral research focused on how to best deliver research-based interventions to students and teachers through summer programming and training.  These experiences highlighted the relevance of dual language learning for many students, and she began a new line of inquiry into bilingual language development.