Intercultural and Intersectional Competence for School Leaders Building an Empirical Base for Professional Development

Batschelet Research Conference
October 18-20, 2023


  1. What is it?
  2. Goals of the Program
  3. Explore Topics
  4. Activities and Key Events
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What is it?

Communication skills, deemed critical for teachers in the wake of emerging diversity, political conflicts, and COVID-19. School leaders express the need to equip with intercultural and intersectional competence. This conference aims to address the need by providing the necessary training and resources.

Goals of the Program

To connect Penn State faculty doing research on Intercultural Competence and Intersectional Competence with local school leaders and peers from around the world with the goal of identifying promising areas for research and establishing working teams to draft proposals for external funding Provide ongoing support for groups that commit to pursuing external grants by the chair of the conference.

Explore Topics

  • What effective, evidence-based programs are for developing Intercultural or Intersectional Competence? How might these skills align with programs like service learning, anti-racist education, or culturally responsive pedagogy? How can these be developed for school leader professional development?
  • What are the overlaps between IC/Intersectional Competence and interventions like mindfulness and stress reduction that target mental health from childhood to adulthood?
  • How can crisis management and conflict resolution skills be integrated into IC/Intersectional Competence training?

Key Events

  • Keynote Speaker Sessions
  • Breakout Sessions focusing on key issues
  • Group Discussions
  • Breakout Working Groups


  • An edited volume or textbook on providing effective ICC/ISC to school leaders
  • Workshops or online modules to provide professional development to school leaders
  • Training grant proposals to develop more extensive professional development modules

Contact Us

Venue, Date & Time

Penn Stater Hotel & Conference Center
215 Innovation Blvd.
State College, PA 16803
October 18-20, 2023