All persons who have been awarded a degree by the Higher Education Program are considered regular members of the Higher Education Program Alumni Council (HEPAC). HEPAC is an Affiliate Program Group of the Penn State Alumni Association.

HEPAC encourages its members to also join the Penn State Alumni Association.

More than 177,000 alumni and friends have joined the Penn State Alumni Association, making it the largest such organization in the world. When you join the Penn State Alumni Association, if you are a graduate of the College of Education, you automatically become a member of the College of Education Alumni Society.

Some benefits of membership in the Penn State Alumni Association include:

• Online Directory—Members can look up Penn Staters in the Association’s online directory.
• Publications—Penn State Education, The Penn Stater Magazine, The Football Letter
• Career Services—Career and life planning services for alumni
• Group Insurance Programs—Low-cost group rates on health, life, and auto insurances for Penn Staters are available in most states.
• Discounts—10 percent off Penn State items at all Penn State campus bookstores; 20 percent off books published by the Penn State Press (does not include textbooks).
• Email Forwarding—No matter who your Internet provider is, your e-mail forwarding address can follow you wherever you go.