School Psychology Services

The School Psychology Clinicians provides services to children, adolescents, and young adults at the Herr Clinic. Every client is given an individually selected group of tests which could include intelligence, academic achievement, personality, interest, visual-motor, adaptive behavior, and social-emotional performance. The School Psychology Clinicians also use autism-specific instruments as indicated. Also, clients may be observed in a variety of situations.

The assessment process typically consists of a series of psychological and educational tests. Clients and/or their parents also are interviewed by a clinician regarding early development, health, educational history, and current social behavior. For most clients, a full day is necessary; for others, only a half-day is needed. If more time is needed, another appointment is scheduled.

At the Herr Clinic, doctoral school psychology students gain experience in working with individuals with a wide variety of concerns. The student staff is closely supervised by certified school psychologists/licensed psychologists. The Clinic Coordinator is a professional licensed psychologist who has also been certified as a school psychologist (national and by the PA Department of Education).

Clinic Information

Clients seek school psychological services for many reasons. Parents of preschool children may want to know if their child is ready for kindergarten. Older students are often referred because they are having difficulty in reading, math or other academic subjects. Other students are seen due to behavioral problems or difficulty with school adjustment. Some students are referred to determine if they are intellectually or academically gifted. Autism-specific evaluations are also conducted. Parents who are concerned about the appropriateness of a previous evaluation or special class placement can bring their child to the clinic for an independent evaluation. Referrals can be made for home- or school-related concerns.

Referral forms can be obtained from:

School Psychology Administrative Support Assistant
Emily Fessler
Dr. Edwin L. Herr Clinic
The Pennsylvania State University
125B CEDAR Building
University Park, PA 16802
Telephone: (814) 863-1699
Fax: (814) 865-7066
Email: [email protected]

Parents or the referral source are expected to pay a fee, usually on the day of the appointment. However, it is our intent that everyone receives service. When it is evident that payment potentially poses a financial hardship, the fee can either be reduced (according to a schedule based on income and number of dependents) or waived completely.

Dr. Shirley A. Woika 
The Pennsylvania State University 
Coordinator, School Psychological Services 
101A CEDAR Building 
University Park, PA 16802 
Telephone: (814) 863-2421 
Fax: (814) 865-7066 
[email protected]