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1. Identify co-op program goals, policies and procedures.

2. Describe work ethics.

3. Discuss the transition from the classroom to the actual job situation.

Human Relations

4. List and evaluate your personality traits to indicate self-understanding.

5. List characteristics of a responsible employee.

6. Develop and describe positive working relationships with others on the job.

7. Demonstrate ways to resolve conflict.

Health and Safety

8. Identify appropriate occupational safety practices and procedures.

9. Describe the role of government agencies in providing for a safe workplace.

Employment Retention

10. List ways you can show interest and enthusiasm on the job.

11. List ways to show initiative and assertiveness on the job.

12. List techniques for maintaining self-control.

13. Explain the importance of attendance and punctuality on the job.

14. Prioritize your activities as they relate to your job.

15. Diagram the organizational structure of your company.

16. Interpret the purpose and use of a performance evaluation and complete a self-evaluation.

17. Identify the source of employee information regarding company policies and procedures.

18. Identify proper procedures for job termination.

19. List the occupational and leadership requirements to maintain and improve employment at the job.


20. Distinguish between positive and negative feedback; define and give examples of constructive criticism.

21. Demonstrate basic skills for both verbal and nonverbal communication.

22. Define the elements of communicating with a supervisor.

23. Define the elements of communicating with co-workers, emphasizing appropriate group behavior on the job.

24. Demonstrate appropriate skills in communicating with the public.

Consumer Skills

25. Understand and prepare a sample budget.

26. List and describe fringe benefits provided by the employer.

27. Describe how to open a checking account, balance a checkbook, and apply for a loan.

28. Demonstrate the ability to file Federal, state, and local tax forms.

Legal Awareness

29. List the steps in obtaining an employment certificate.

30. Describe labor regulations that affect wages, hours, and conditions of employment.

31. Describe the withholding laws and the benefits provided by Social Security, workers' compensation and unemployment compensation.

Future Planning

32. Develop a resume.

33. Practice skills needed to be successful in a job interview.

34. Discuss the importance to adapt to change.

35. Establish short-term goals.

36. Establish long-term goals.

37. Complete a job application.

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