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Board of Directors

Information about the Alumni Society Board of Directors in the Penn State College of Education.

2018 Alumni Society BoardFront row, from left: David Monk, Tonnie DeVecchis-Kerr, Hannah Chisler, Stefanie Tomlinson, Tracy Hinish.Row 2, from left: Lawrence Wess, Sherry Yontosh, Pamela Peter, Pamela FrancisRow 3, from left: John Rozzo, Joe Clapper, Douglas Womelsdorf, Larry Carretta, Cathy Tomon.Back row, from left: Leo D'Agostino, Jeannene Willow, Jonathan Klingeman, John Czerniakowski, Henry Laboranti

2018-2019 Alumni Society Board of Directors

Front Left to Right: David Monk, Tonya DeVecchis-Kerr, Hannah Chisler, Stefanie Tomlinson, and Tracy Hinish. 
Second row Left to Right: Lawrence Wess, Sherry Yontosh, Pamela Peter, and Pamela Francis.
Third row Left to Right: John Rozzo, Joseph Clapper, Douglas Womelsdorf, Larry Carretta, and Cathy Tomon. 
Fourth row Left to Right: Leo D'Agostino, Jeannene Willow, Jonathan Klingeman, John Czerniakowski, and Henry Laboranti.

We encourage you to submit a Board Candidacy Form (pdf) to be considered for the College of Education Alumni Society Board of Directors. The deadline to apply for the 2020 election is February 1, 2020. 


President 2018-2020

Pam Peter 

Pamela Peter 
'92 B.A. General Arts and Sciences, '94 M.Ed. College Student Personnel 
Director, Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities - Syracuse University


President-Elect 2018-2020

Joe Clapper

Joseph Clapper
'92 D.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction
Assistant Executive Director - Pennsylvania Principals Association


Secretary 2018-2020

Doug Womelsdorf.jpg

Douglas Womelsdorf  
'03 B.S. Biology, '05 M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction (Science Education)
K-12 Curriculum Coordinator - Riverside School District


Immediate Past President

Tonnie DeVecchis-Kerr

Tonya DeVecchis-Kerr   
'79 B.S. Elementary Education, '92 M.Ed. Counselor Education
Retired Superintendent - Moshannon Valley Junior-Senior High School


Directors 2017-2020

Jonathan Klingeman
Lawrence Wess
Sharlene Yontosh

Directors 2018-2021

Joseph Clapper
Kaela Fuentes-Packnick
Amy Meisinger
Cathy Tomon
Douglas Womelsdorf


Directors 2019-2022

Jonathan Lozano
Sharon Salter
Jeannene Willow

Appointed Members

Pamela Francis (2017-2020)
John Rozzo (2018-2021)
Bethany Shawver (2019-2022)

Undergraduate Student Representatives

Sydney Chiat
Hannah Chisler

Graduate Student Representatives

Zoe Mandel
Bridget Parler 

Higher Education Program APG

James Trainer, President

Professional Development School APG

Holly Klock, President

Ex-Officio members

Kimberly Lawless

Currently vacant
Director of Development and Alumni Relations

Stefanie Tomlinson
Assistant Director of Alumni Relations

Wanda Wasilko
Alumni Relations Administrative Support