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Strategic Plan


Adopted by the Board of Directors of the Alumni Society of the College of Education on October 15, 2016 – Tonya DeVechhis-Kerr, President

GOAL 1 – Service to Alumni

The College of Education Alumni Society will seek to significantly enhance the services offered to members and to increase the number of alumni using those services.

1-1.         To promote communication between Affiliate Program Group alumni and the College of Education Alumni Society Board to advance diversity in overall experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives. 

1-2.         Collaborate with active Affiliate Program Group’s by sharing our mission and goals for the purpose of building connections that support the College of Education and its alumni. 

1-3.         Determine strategies to increase the number and diversity of nominations for the Alumni Society Board awards from all programs.

1-4.         Continually coordinate with award committee chairs to evaluate and revise the nomination process for each award.


GOAL 2 - Service to the College and University

The College of Education Alumni Society will support the College's and University's mission of teaching, research, and service.

2-1.      Increase the visibility of the College of Education Alumni Society within the greater University-wide community and service initiatives. 

2-2.      Support and promote College of Education programs within the University.

2-3.      Investigate ways the Penn State Alumni Association plans University-wide events and how the College of Education can support their efforts.

2-4.      Establish Emeritus Board Member process to participate in ongoing activities.


GOAL 3 – Unity

The College of Education Alumni Society will seek to evaluate its structure, programs, and services to promote inclusiveness, cultivate relationships, and encourage participation and communication of all its alumni in Society activities, while perpetuating and building on the individual alumni’s individual experiences and interests.

3-1.      Add interactive components to each Alumni Society Board meeting to help facilitate community-building, collaboration, and the open sharing of ideas related to Alumni Society business.  

3-2.      Encourage full participation among the board; offer a training/overview session for new members before the summer meeting to acquaint them with their responsibilities and give them an explanation of the goals of each committee. Ensure that new board members understand the expectation of participation at all board meetings and membership on one of each of the following committees: Standing, Awards, and AD HOC. 

3-3.      Encourage each committee to meet at least once in between standing board meetings. Investigate other technologies to use in facilitating communication among committees for meetings between the face-to-face committee meetings. Meeting technologies can include conference call, Skype, email, etc. 

3-4.      Employ technology platform to market what we do, who we are, and disseminate /archive important board documents to facilitate communication among alumni and students between meetings. 


GOAL 4 - Affiliations

The College of Education Alumni Society will seek to increase the number of students, alumni, parents, and friends who take an active role in the life of the College and the activities of the Alumni Society.

4-1.      Support Penn State Alumni Association membership drive to increase the number of College of Education graduates in the Penn State Alumni Association. 

4-2.      Work with student board representatives to increase membership in the Blue White Society. Offer incentives to help encourage this goal. 

4-3.      Increase the number of volunteers working with the College’s various alumni events/programs.

4-4.      Develop new ways of attracting alumni (such as social receptions for alums in our Alumni Student Teacher Network regions advertised via Social Media). 

4-5.      Develop ways to connect with current students through professional development seminars and support the College of Education student ambassador program. Connect with students before they graduate to establish a rapport with the Alumni Society. 

4-6.      Establish rapport and involvement with the students, both undergraduate and graduate students, on the Alumni Society Board. 


GOAL 5 - Service to the Larger Community

The College of Education Alumni Society will develop a variety of collaborative partnerships to provide informative and up-to-date professional development opportunities for all alumni of the College.

5-1.      Provide online and onsite professional development opportunities that are relevant to all alumni from all of the College’s undergraduate and graduate programs. 

5-2.      Establish a collaborative partnership with career services in order to provide experiences and skills that are specifically tailored to education majors. e.g. – LionLink, mock interviews, resume development, etc. 

 5-3.     Create College of Education events at the commonwealth campuses to better connect Commonwealth Campus alumni with the College of Education.