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Program Alumni Groups

A list of the individual program groups chartered by the College of Education

Penn State recognizes Affiliate Program Groups (or APGs). These are groups of alumni and friends who are affiliated with a particular academic program or emphasis area within a college. As a group, APGs focus their activities on supporting the advancement of a particular program. Some APG activities include networking, mentoring, and student recruitment. An APG consists of alumni or friends of Penn State who have a common interest in a particular academic, professional, or extracurricular activity that is related to a specific college or campus program.

Higher Education Program Alumni Council (HEPAC)
, '93 Ph.D.
Executive Director, Office of Planning and Institutional Research
Villanova University
HEPAC website:

Professional Development School Alumni Council (PDSAC)
, '11 B.S.
Curriculum and Instruction Ph.D. Candidate
Penn State