Manual created by Dr. Glendon Blume and Dr. Rose Mary Zbiek.

The purpose of this manual is to define policies and procedures related to the conduct and administration of the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Curriculum and Instruction. This manual provides guidelines for successful completion of all stages of a doctoral degree, from admission to graduation.

The information in this manual is drawn from current practices and statements of policy and procedures adopted by the graduate faculty of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction and from publications of the Graduate School that contain university-wide guidelines. This manual summarizes departmental guidelines, which in some instances exceed those of the Graduate School. 

Doctoral Students and graduate faculty are responsible to be informed of all current policies and procedures as well as changes that might occur between releases of this manual. Current pertinent forms are described throughout the manual. Copies are included within the appendices. A Plan of Study checklist is provided in Appendix C for tracking progress through the various stages of the doctoral program. Students are advised to keep detailed records of their successful completion of each stage in the program.

Table of Contents

  1. Expectations of the Curriculum & Instruction Doctoral Program
  2. Roles of an Adviser
  3. Admission to Candidacy
  4. The Doctoral Committee
  5. Plan of Study
  6. Comprehensive Examination
  7. Dissertation
  8. Procedures Concerning Graduation


  1. Report of Doctoral Candidacy Examination (pdf)
  2. Graduate Student Committee Procedures
  3. Ph.D. Plan of Study
  4. Dissertation Prospectus Approval Form


Ph.D. Manual
Expectations of the Curriculum & Instruction Doctoral Program
Roles of an Adviser ○ Admission to Candidacy ○ The Doctoral CommitteePlan of StudyComprehensive ExaminationDissertationProcedures Concerning Graduation