Appendix A

The Report of Doctoral Candidacy Examination form is used by a doctoral candidate's committee to assess the candidate's doctoral candidacy examination. The form contains the candidate's name, address, Penn State ID number, degree sought, emphasis area, minor field (if any) and the date of evaluation. The committee also evaluates the candidate in the following five areas on a scale of good, average, or poor, and provides supporting evidence for each ranking:

  1. Knowledge of education issues;
  2. Indication of purpose and direction for graduate studies;
  3. Oral expression;
  4. Written expression; and
  5. General appraisal of student’s prospects as a doctoral candidate.

The committee then provides a final evaluation of the candidate, selecting one of the following three options:

  1. The applicant is accepted as a doctoral candidate.
  2. The applicant is granted a deferred decision and will be re-examined within one calendar year.
  3. The applicant is rejected as a doctoral candidate.

The adviser and two other members of the committee then provide their names and signatures and turn the form in to the Graduate Program Assistant in 270 Chambers Building.

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