Appendix C

The Ph.D. Plan of Study is a form filled out by a Ph.D. candidate in coordination with their dissertation committee. The form includes the candidate's name, emphasis area, Penn State ID, the semester the candidate was admitted to candidacy, any certificates the candidate is seeking, and any minor the candidate hopes to obtain.

The form then lists the following courses and requires that the semester, course name, and instructor for each course be filled in:

  1. Core Courses (2 credits):
    • C I 590 (1 credit)
    • Emphasis Area 590 (1 credit)
  2. Emphasis Area (18 credits), divided into six courses.
  3. Supporting Field (15 credits), divided into five courses.
  4. Research (12 credits), divided into four courses.
  5. Dissertation (0 credits).
  6. Minor (15 credits), divided into five courses (if applicable).
  7. Additional courses (if applicable).

The Plan of Study form is then signed by the candidate, the dissertation committee chair, and all members of the dissertation committee. The signed form is turned in to the Graduate Programs Office in 270 Chambers Building.

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