Appendix D

Although candidates should be involved in research throughout their doctoral programs, formal doctoral committee approval of a dissertation prospectus must precede any serious pursuit of dissertation research. A dissertation prospectus should include:

  1. a clear statement of the problem or question to be considered,
  2. a detailed rationale for the study,
  3. a thorough description of the theoretical and research context of the study within related literature, and
  4. the proposed means by which data will be gathered and analyzed.

The Dissertation Prospectus Approval Form contains the preceding paragraph of text, as well as the candidate's name, Penn State ID, and proposed dissertation title. All majors of the dissertation committee (committee chair, two major field representatives, one outside member, and one special member) then sign and date the form.

The form should be turned in to the Graduate Programs Office in 270 Chambers Building.

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