The Doctoral Committee

Within one calendar year after admission to candidacy, a candidate establishes a doctoral committee. The members are responsible for general guidance through the entire program and the doctoral committee has the following specific academic responsibilities:

  1. To review, advise, and consent to the candidate’s proposed Plan of Study;
  2. To conduct and judge the written and oral comprehensive examination;
  3. To review and accept the dissertation prospectus;
  4. To hear and judge the final oral defense of the dissertation; and
  5. To indicate approval of the dissertation by signing the dissertation signature page.

The doctoral committee is composed of at least four members of the currently approved graduate faculty. Two members must be appointed in the C I Department, at least one of whom must be from the candidate’s emphasis area (this member serves as the doctoral adviser). At least one regular member of the doctoral committee, the Outside Field Member, must represent a field outside the candidate’s major field of study in order to provide a broader range of disciplinary perspectives and expertise. In addition, the primary appointment of at least one regular member of the doctoral committee must be in an administrative unit that is outside the unit in which the dissertation adviser's primary appointment is held. The Outside Unit Member may also serve as the Outside Field Member.

The Outside Unit Member represents the Graduate School at the official proceedings. Candidates should play an active role in the selection process of committee members by consulting with their adviser and by enrolling in classes taught by and reading research publications written by a variety of faculty members within the Department, College, and University. All committee members demonstrate their consent to serve by signing the Graduate Student Committee Policies and Procedures and Committee Appointment Signature Form (see Appendix B). This signed form should be submitted to the C I Graduate Office, which then forwards the form to the Graduate School for final appointments of the committee.

Candidates can make changes in the structure or membership of the doctoral committee, with consent of their adviser, by filing a new Graduate Student Committee Policies and Procedures and Committee Appointment Signature Form.To make changes in the committee or to change advisers, the candidate should contact the C I Graduate Program office. The signed form is returned to the program office, which then forwards the form for approval to the Graduate School.

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