LCS program graduates live and work in locations across the globe.  Below, we have listed our graduates, their dissertation titles and current professional positions (if known).

James Albright (1999)
Rewriting English and the problem of normativity:  A Bourdieuian Analysis.
University of Newcastle (Australia)

Claudia Aman (2005)
Responding to demographic change: A case study of schooling and community in rural Nebraska.
University of Western Illinois.

Carl Anderson (2011)
Contested identities and common narratives:  A study of racial representation in state social studies content standards.
Penn State University

Rene Antrop Gonzales (2001)
School as sanctuary:  A phenomenological case study of a Puerto Ricancentric high school.
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Arda Arikan (2002)
A struggle for power in professional development programs as illuminated in the narratives of English language instructors.
Akdeniz Üniversitesi (Turkey)

Gyseon Bae (2003)
Learning to be Korean:  The process of identity negotiation and representation for Korean-American elementary school children.
Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center

Sarah Blair (2001)
Finding women ”under the dead leaves of history”:  An historical analysis of the social and educational thought of Mary Ritter Beard.
Dickinson University

Lyudmila Bryssheva (2002)
Toward a philosophy of the liberating act:  Implications of Bakhtin, Freire, and Vygotsky for bilingual and multicultural education.
Adelphi University

Bridget Bunten (2010)
Voices of classroom policymakers:  How teachers make sense of an English only policy.
Washington College

Bridgid Burke (2005)
Experimental professional development: Promoting communicative language teaching with expeditionary learning outward bound design.
University of Illinois-Chicago

Hsing-I Chan (2008)
At home or an "other" in the U.S.: Taiwanese immigrant women's ambivalence, resistance, and border crossing.

I-Chien Chen (2001)
A constructivist computer assisted language learning environment for second language/cultural learners in Northern Taiwan.

Wen-Hsiung Chen (2003)
An ethnographic case study of communication: A child views language as both tool and object.

Bokyung Cho (2006)
The use of item response theory in a study of Korean high school students attitudes toward the effectiveness of improving English proficiency.

Ling-Ying Chou (1999)
English instructional innovation in Southern Taiwan's two-year college of technological and vocational education system.

Wan-Hsiang Cho (2007)
The strange case of disconnection: Co-sleeping, attachment, and the imported picture books about bedtime in Taiwan.
National Hsin-Chu University (Taiwan)

Shanetia Clark (2006)
Teachers and technology: Unpacking illusions of a one-to-one computer initiative.

Carolyn Cook (2007)
Supporting the student writer: The role of teacher talk during Kid Writing workshop.
Mount St Mary's University

Lisa Draper (2002)
A heuristic investigation of a case study inquiry-based approach to teaching secondary social studies.
Kutztown University

Genevieve D'Ary (2007)
Exploring possibilities: Young children's notions of identity within an implemented community building program.
University of California - Los Angeles Lab School

Emily Duvall (2008)
No secrets to conceal: Dynamic assessment and a state mandated, standardized third grade reading test for children with learning disabilities.
University of Idaho

Jacqueline Edmondson (1999)
America reads: A critical policy analysis.
Penn State University

Crystal Endsley (2009)
"One of ya'll got my lyrics": Student artists exploring spoken word poetry, performance, and activism.
Hamilton College

Karen Eppley (2007)
Friction, fiction, and failure: Scientifically based research and the rural.
Penn State Altoona

Yuehchiu Fang (2002)
Taiwanese student and teacher views of English Language curriculum.

Larry Ferguson (2008)
Voice, power, technology: Joining the technological literacy club.

David Fuentes (2012)
William Paterson University

Sharlene Gillman (2011)
"You never undo the promise to yourself": Identities and agency in an anti-bias, interactive theatrical troupe.

Panagiota Gounari (2004)
Contesting common sense discourse: Language, politics, and democracy.
University of Massachusetts - Boston

Julianne Guillard (2011)
The twilight of our years: Text, identity and reader subjectivity.
Virginia Commonwealth University

Heidi Hendershott (2004)
School of rap: The politics and pedagogies of rap music.
Fisher College

Mary Henning (2002)
Social studies curriculum in a professional development school partnership.
Northern Illinois University

Elisa Hopkins (2007)
Sharing multicultural poetry with elementary education students: A teacher inquiry into developing critical consciousness.
Penn State University

Hyun-Soo Hur (2005)
Literature based activities and language socialization in an elementary ELL classroom.

Namhee Kim (2004)
Cultural and linguistic identity formation of ESL students in an ESL social studies class in a U.S. high school.

Donna King (2010)
A study of student teachers' perceived resistance to teaching multicultural education: Will the pedagogy be "colored that I teach?".
Penn State University

Allison Kootsikas (2011)
"I had to lead a hidden life in some way": Identities of LGBT elementary school teachers.
Penn State University

Carolyn Layzer (2000)
Earning the letters: A critical feminist ethnography of a Latina sorority and its struggles for recognition.
ABT Associates

Hyun Myoung Lee (2010)
Interns' professional knowledge development and professional identity formation in online peer-led dialogue.

Pei Fen Li (2007)
Exploring the use of unsolicited email in EFL education in Taiwan: Authentic and critical literacy in context.

Chieh-Lan Li (2010)
The emergence of fairy tale literacy: A multiple case study on promoting critical literacy of children through a juxtaposed reading of classic fairy tales and their contemporary disruptive variants.
Jinwen University, Taiwan

Chien-Tzu Liao (2006)
The correlations between shy college EGL students in Taiwan and their English learning.

Chin-Ying Lin (2004)
Taiwanese students in a U.S. university: Expectations, beliefs, values, and attitudes about learning and teaching.

Sarah MacKenzie (2006)
Ambiguous presence: (Re)searching the negotiations of be(com)ing a teacher.
Bucknell University

Deborah Marciano (2001)
Interpretations of schooling in contemporary children's picture books.
Valdosta State University

James Mauch (2005)
Social mathematics in the curriculum of American civics: An analysis of selected national and state standards and of Magruder's American government.
Cedar Crest College

Cecelia Mecca (2004)
Negotiating interdisciplinary teaming in a middle school context.

Tynisha Meidl (2009)
Teachers' dissonance with curriculum planning for linguistically and culturally diverse students.
St. Norbert College

Gabriela Mendez (2006)
Argentine education reform: Tensions between democratic and neoliberal discourses.
Florida International University

Douglas Morris (2006)
Film as public pedagogy in the U.S. culture of militarism.
University of New Mexico

Lucy Mule (2000)
Experiencing a professional development school practicum: Interns' voices in a yearlong internship.
Smith College

Mary Napoli (2003)
If I were only like Mary-Kate and Ashley: Constructing girlhood through representation and consumption.
Penn State University - Harrisburg

Nicole Olcese (2014)
Beginning Teachers Finding Support through an Online Teacher Network: Affinity Learning
Penn State University

Leticia Ortega (2008)
Digital practices and literacy identities in English education: From deterministic discourses to dialectic frameworks.
Salisbury University

Min-Kyung Park (2001)
Low-income mothers' perceptions of early childhood education and care in Korea.

Sunyoung Park (2010)
Pedagogical challenges and possibilities: Adapting critical literacy in EFL college writing using a video-authoring project.

Priya Parmar (2002)
KRS-One going against the grain: A critical study of rap music as a postmodern text.
Brooklyn College CUNY

Rodney Pederson (2002)
Language, culture and power: Epistemologies and agency in applied linguistics.
Woo Song University (Korea)

Susan Pitcher (2006)
What works as contested spaces.
Elizabethtown College

Catherine Posey (2011)
Children's lived experiences of texts in spiritual terms.

Rene Quesada Inces (2001)
Washback overrides the curriculum: An exploratory study on the wash back effect of standardized tests in the Costa Rican EFL high school context.

Rosita Rivera Rodriguez (2006)
Values and beliefs embedded in the narratives of ESL teachers with military backgrounds: A discourse analysis study.
University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez

Christopher Robbins (2005)
Expelling hope: Zero tolerance and the attack on youth, schooling, and democracy.
Eastern Michigan University

Sandra Rodriguez Arroyo (2009)
Early field experiences in language teacher education: An ecological analysis of a program implementation.
University of Nebraska

Rosa Roman-Perez (2007)
Lessons for everyone from the basic skills classroom: A critical discourse analysis of basic writing syllabi.
University of Puerto Rico

Sangmin Lee (2004)
Writing as a social act in electronic spaces.

Teresita Santiago (2008)
Children's perception of the learning of English as a second language and the textbooks used in the classrooms in the colonial/postcolonial context of Puerto Rico.
Laboratory School, University of Puerto Rico

Denise Savini (2011)

Kathleen Schanbacher (2009)
An intergenerational study of the mathematics attitudes of preservice women teachers and their mothers.
Susquehanna University

Julie Schappe (2013)
Ethnography of adolescent literacy; Sociocultural understanding of literacies, places, materials, and social relationships.
Penn State Harrisburg and the Capital Area Writing Project

Judy Sharkey (2000)
A critical feminist teacher inquiry into the use of autobiography in teacher education.
University of New Hampshire

Kortney Sherbine (2014)
Mapping Emerging Childhoods and Justin Bieber Fan Culture

Ya-Chun Shih (2000)
Sociocultural factors relating to the process of pidginization as viewed by six Taiwanese speakers residing in the Happy Valley.

Anne Slonaker (2004)
Literacy as a centerpiece for public democracy: A critical ethnography perspective.
Castleton State University

Pamela Solvie (2004)
Technology and democracy in education: Three policy initiatives viewed through a Deweyan lens.
University of Minnesota - Morris

Min Su (2010)
Play and self-regulation depicted in picture books.

Yu-Chi Sun (2004)
Three Chinese immigrant daughters: Their perceptions of schooling, family, and identity..

Bulent Tarman (2006)
Analysis of controversial issues in Turkish social studies/history education in regard to European Union standards..
Selcuk University, Turkey

Caryn Terwilliger (2006)
Desiring professionalism: Female elementary teachers negotiating identities.
Bloomsburg University

Michelle Torregano (2010)
Clean slate: Making sense of public education in the new New Orleans.
California University of Pennsylvania

Stephanie Troutman (2011)
Considering curriculum in post 9/11 contexts: The Story of Movies and the politicization of the American citizen.
Berea College

Hsin-Chun Tsai (2004)
Imagining a different world: Transforming and re-visioning in children's fantasy novels.
National Taitung University (Taiwan)

Nancy Vicente (2009)
El despertar: A journey into colonial experience.
University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez

Eric Weiner (2001)
The crisis of authority in critical education: Toward a theory of transformative leadership.
Montclair University

Erin Wyble (2006)
Telling stories: Applying feminist writing strategies to "emerging church" theologies.
SUNY New Paltz

Xu Xu (2013)
The nation's child: Childhood, children's literature and national identity in modern China.
Central Michigan University

Hsiao-Hui Yang (2011)
Seeking the Dao in children's literature: Reading Western fantasies from a Daoist perspective.
Penn State University

Vincent Youngbauer (2011)
Media literacy in the social studies curriculum.
University of South Dakota

Eunja Yun (2007)
Postmodern interrogation of children's literature and possibilities in literacy education by means of postmodern picture books.
Kyung Hee University (Korea)