Graduate Students

A listing of graduate students in the Science Education emphasis area of Curriculum & Instruction.

Katie Bateman ()

Leah Bug ()

Kyungjin Cho ()

Jennifer L. Cody

Colleen Epler-Ruths (

Alice Flarend

  • M.S. University of Michigan (Nuclear Engineering)

Chrysta Ghent ()

LeeAnna Hooper

  • Literacy practices in science education

Thomas Kameroski ()

Yann Shiou Ong ()

Arzu Ozcelik ()

  • Teacher professional pedagogical vision
  • Ambitious science teaching practices
  • Discourse analysis
  • Video analysis using Studiocode
  • Learning progressions in plate tectonics
  • Astronomy education
  • Science practices in informal science education settings
  • Teachers’ use of inscriptions and representations in teaching

Julianne Snider ()

  • Science education in informal learning environments
  • Scientific observation skills acquisition

Abha Vaishampayan

  • Astronomy education

Carmen Vanderhoof (