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Language and Literacy Education

The Language and Literacy Education (LL ED) option in Secondary Education helps students meet all of the academic requirements for the Instructional I certificate for teaching at the secondary-school level, which is issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

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Students can focus on the following areas:

  • English Education
  • Language Arts
  • Humanities
  • Communications
  • Reading

Major Requirements

The LL ED program is a four-year undergraduate degree that requires 126 credits and leads to a bachelor of science (B.S.) in Secondary Education.

LL ED students typically take general education courses and meet Entrance to Major (ETM) requirements during their first two years and apply to the program during their 4th semester. The program also features approved courses that will ensure that all requirements of the Pennsylvania Department of Education are met.

The program focuses on the National Council of Teachers of English's standards for the preparation of teachers of English language arts. These standards articulate some elements that comprise a solid foundation for teaching language arts. They span four major domains:

  • Content Knowledge
  • Content Pedagogy
  • Learners and Learning
  • Professional Knowledge and Skills

These standards reflect the field’s sense that a teacher education program should include attention to what content we teach, ways of teaching it, who we teach and how, and the role of the professional teacher in school, community, and society.

Students focusing on English education have the opportunity to take part in the Professional Development School (PDS). This internship option pairs student-teachers with a mentor teacher in the State College School District. Student-teachers are in the classroom for the full school year learning and teaching. For more information regarding the Secondary English Professional Development School, contact .

Many US states and territories require professional licensure/certification to be employed. If you plan to pursue employment in a licensed profession after completing this program, please visit the Professional Licensure/Certification Disclosures by State interactive map.

Additional Certifications

Given the many K-12 students in United States schools today who are learning English, students may consider a certificate in English as a Second Language (ESL). This certificate can be earned in two ways, one involving courses on the University Park campus and the other blending University Park courses with an immersion experience in Ecuador.

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