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Appendix A: Penn State Teacher Education Performance Framework

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Domain A: Planning and Preparing for Student Learning

The Penn State teacher:

  1. Considers pedagogical content knowledge during planning.
  2. Differentiates to accommodate individual learner.
  3. Considers the community when designing lessons.
  4. Selects and develops appropriate goals and objectives.
  5. Considers short and long-range goals in planning and assessment.
  6. Selects, adapts, and creates appropriate instructional materials, resources, and instructional technologies.
  7. Plans for an inclusive and challenging learning environment.

Domain B: Teaching

The Penn State teacher:

  1. Actively and effectively engages all learners.
  2. Insures that assessment of student occurs in multiple ways.
  3. Manages classroom procedures appropriately.
  4. Manages student learning and behavior.
  5. Communicates effectively verbally, nonverbally, and through alternative media.

Domain C: Inquiry and Analysis of Teaching and Learning

The Penn State teacher:

  1. Monitors and adjusts instructional and assessment strategies during teaching.
  2. Systematically analyzes assessment data of whole class and sub‐groups.
  3. Uses data from classroom teaching to evaluate own strengths and areas for improvement.

Domain D: Fulfilling Professional Responsibilities.

The Penn State secondary teacher exhibits the highest standards of professionalism in all that he/she does.

  1. Consistently meets expectations and fulfills responsibilities.
  2. Establishes and maintains productive, collaborative relationships with colleagues and families.
  3. Values and seeks professional growth.
  4. Demonstrates integrity and professional conduct.