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Education Abroad Opportunities For Secondary Education Majors

Information regarding Student Teaching options for Secondary Education and World Language Education majors in Sweden, Short Term Abroad programs, and the Consortium for Intercultural Reflective Teachers (CIRT)


Secondary Education Majors have the opportunity to student teach for the full semester in Sweden in the fall semester. For more information, please visit the Global Penn State website.

Application Process

How to apply:

  1. Select Sweden as your first choice when you fill out the online student teaching application.
  2. Within four weeks of your application, you will be contacted by the CIFE Office to sign up for a personal interview with the Secondary Education Coordinator of the Field Experience Office.
  3. After your interview with the CIFE coordinator, go to the Education Abroad website and fill out an online application.

Short Term Student Teaching Abroad

It is also possible to student teach in Pennsylvania for part of the semester and in an international location for part of the semester. Click here to learn more about Short Term Student Teaching Abroad. You may also watch a video about the short-term student teaching abroad experience.

Consortium for Intercultural Reflective Teachers (CIRT)

Elementary and Secondary Education Majors can participate in a unique two year experience in England, Sweden, and Pennsylvania. Students will spend their junior year abroad and return to Pennsylvania to student teach in their senior year. Please contact Dr. Gail Boldt (), if you are interested in the CIRT program.