The College of Education Research Conference is an an opportunity for the college community, faculty and graduate students, to learn about each other’s work, share ideas, and build collaborations for the future.

Conference When & Where

Friday, October 14, 2022
8:30a - 4:00p
Penn Stater Hotel and Conference Center, State College, PA

2022 Program At-A-Glance

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Check-in & Keynote:  (Deans Hall 1)

  8:30-9:00    Check-in / Coffee
  9:00-10:15  Keynote Speaker

Morning Presentations:

10:15-10:30  Presentation Set-up & Morning Break
10:30-11:45  Sabbatical Panel Session
10:30-11:45  Poster Session
10:30-11:50  Paper Sessions

Lunch:  11:45-1:00  The Gardens Restaurant (Lower-level)

Afternoon Presentations:

12:45-2:00  Poster Session
  1:00-2:20  Paper Sessions
  2:20-2:40  Break Between Paper Sessions
  2:00-3:15  Poster Session
  2:40-4:00  Paper Sessions


Check-in and Keynote Speaker

Deans Hall 1 / 8:30-10:15


Sabbatical Panel

Deans Hall 1  /  10:30-11:45

Presiders:  Gwen Lloyd and Wendy Williams

Sabbatical Panelists 

Experimenting with Research in Precarious Times
Gail Boldt, Distinguished Professor, Language, Culture, and Society Education, and Literacies and English Language Arts

New Materialist and Sensory Research
Kimberly Powell, Professor, Language, Culture, and Society Education and Art Education

Thinking About Black Teacher Recruitment and Retention for Schools and Society
Jeanine Staples, Professor, Language, Culture, and Society Education

An Investigation of Experiential Learning Strategies
Mark Threeton, Professor, Workforce Education and Development

Keeping Composed:  How Too (Many) Wrongs Make a Write
Anne Whitney, Professor, Language and Literacy Education

Morning Paper Sessions

Rm 107  /  10:30-11:50

Presider:  Ghadir Al Saghir

Engaging with Critical Perspectives  

Deliberate Indifference: Toward Understanding the Linguistic (Re-)Production of White Supremacist Ableism in Schools
Kathleen Collins, Associate Professor, Language and Literacy Education

The Development and Preliminary Evaluation of an Online Module in Culturally Responsive Practice in Augmentative and Alternative Communication
Kasie Galley, Doctoral Student, Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD); David McNaughton, Professor, Special Education; Emily Laubscher, Doctoral Student (CSD)

Specific Learning and Speech and Language Disability Identification: Disproportionality and the Ever-English Learner Framework
Eric Hengyu Hu, Doctoral Student, Educational Theory and Policy

An Argument for Pluralistic Viewpoints in Contemporary Language Teacher Emotion Research
Mari Haneda, Professor, Language, Culture (LCS), and Society, and Curriculum and Supervision; Magda Madany, Doctoral Student (LCS)


Rm 108  /  10:30-11:50

Presider:  Leslie Foster

Beyond Cosmetic Diversity: Examination of Trends & Ethics to Improve Segregation in US and Beyond

Operationalizing Cosmetic Diversity as an Evaluation Tool for Institutions' Diversity-Driven Action and Intent
Ashley Patterson, Associate Professor, Language, Culture, and Society Education; Karly Ford, Associate Professor, Higher Education

Initial Equity Report: State College Area School District
Erica Frankenberg, Professor, Educational Leadership

School Attendance Zone Boundary Changes in a Diversifying Suburb: The Case of Howard County Public School System
Sarah Asson, Doctoral Student, Educational Leadership (EDLDR); Erica Frankenberg, Professor (EDLDR)

Rm 109  /  10:30-11:50

Presider:  SungWon Yoon-Lee

Improving Positing Identity Development

Racialized Sexual Harassment in Higher Education
Kamaria B. Porter, Assistant Professor, Higher Education

Cultivating Racial Literacy in Teacher Professional Development: Interrogating Ideologies, Identities, and Action(s) with/in Justice-Oriented Urban Teachers
Tiffany M. Nyachae, Assistant Professor, Language and Literacy Education

Unspeakable Joy: On Loving Blackness as a Practice of Joy
Wilson Okello, Assistant Professor, Higher Education

Learning Toward Relations for Political Change: A cognitive, Emotional, and Material Framework
Tanner Vea, Assistant Professor, Learning, Design, and Technology


Morning Poster Session

Deans Hall 2  /  10:30-11:45

Board  1
Learning on the Move with Mobile Augmented Reality: App designs for Family Science Learning in the Outdoors
Susan Land, Professor, Learning, Design, and Technology (LDT); Heather Toomey Zimmerman, Professor (LDT)

Board  3
Addressing Learning Differences as an Equity Imperative to Disrupt the School-Prison Nexus
Joy Gray, Doctoral Student, Counselor Education; Brandy Henry, Assistant Professor, Rehabilitation and Human Services

Board  5
The Impact of Implementing University Teaching Experience on Development of Secondary Preservice Teachers’ Visions for High-Quality Mathematics Instruction
Seonmi Do, Doctoral Student, Mathematics Education (MTHED); Andrea McCloskey, Associate Professor (MTHED)

Board  7
The Science Diagram Comprehension Test: Measuring Student Diagram Literacy
Zachary Myers, Doctoral Student, Educational Psychology

Board  9
“We were somebody before coming here..” Racialized and Gendered Experiences of Refugee Learners
Rola Tarek, Doctoral Student, Lifelong Learning and Adult Education

Board 11
Discourse Patterns in Small-Group Mathematics Discussions: Comparisons Across Educational Contexts
P. Karen Murphy, Distinguished Professor, Educational Psychology (EDPSY); Rachel M. V. Croninger, Doctoral Student (EDPSY); Sara E. Baszczewski, Doctoral Student (EDPSY); Gwen Lloyd, Professor, Mathematics Education; Cory Lynn Tondreau, Doctoral Student (EDPSY)

Board 13
The Exploration of Vocabulary Learning Strategies among Undergraduate EFL University Learners in Pakistan: A Case Study
Quratulain Tulpar, Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow, Pakistan

Board 15
The Power in Me: Mixed Methods Approach in Examining Ethnic Studies Promotion of Student Identity and Learning Outcomes
Giselle Maria Delcid, Doctoral Student, Language, Culture, and Society Education; Francesca Lopez, Waterbury Chair in Equity Pedagogy, and Professor, Second Language Education

Board 17
Rural Pennsylvania School Leadership Study to Inform Research Practice Partnerships
Peggy Schooling, Professor of Practice, Educational Leadership (EDLDR); Joshua Almes, Doctoral Student (EDLDR)

Board 19
Diagnosis of Socioemotional Skills in Pandemia Times in a Mexican High School
Andrea Mateos Cuautle, Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow, Mexico


Afternoon Paper Sessions

Rm 107  /  1:00-2:20

Presider:  Feiwan Xiao

Reading and Writing Motivation Across Educational Settings 

Examining the Connection Between Multiple Text Reading and Writing: A Think-Aloud Study
Gala Campos Oaxaca, Doctoral Student, Educational Psychology

Reading to Learn from Science Text: The Role of Disciplinary Principles
Matthew McCrudden, Professor, Educational Psychology (EDPSY); Jonna Kulikowich, Professor (EDPSY); Bailing Lyu, Doctoral Student, (EDPSY); Macy Pyres, Doctoral Student (EDPSY)

Language and Literature-based Mathematics Curriculum: Potentials of a Storified Pedagogy to Teach Mathematics
Ebrahim Talaee, Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow, Iran

From POW TREE to POWER SRSD: Teaching Students to Write Persuasively from Source Text
Angelique Aitken, Assistant Professor, Special Education

Rm 108  /  1:00-2:20

Presider:  Jessica Snyder

COVID Recovery Among Vulnerable Populations

Analyzing the Effects of COVID-19 on Educational Equity in Rural Pennsylvania School Districts
Kai Schafft, Professor, Educational Leadership (EDLDR); Annie Maselli, Doctoral Student (EDLDR)

Play at School in Good Times and Bad Times
James E. Johnson, Professor, Early Childhood Education

Re-conceptualizing Preschool Teachers’ Experiences During the COVID-19 Pandemic in the U.S. and China
Yue Qi, Doctoral Student, Early Childhood Education

Measuring Equity in Access to Early Childhood Education in Pennsylvania During COVID-19
Erica Frankenberg, Professor, Educational Leadership (EDLDR); Karen Babbs Hollett, Doctoral Student (EDLDR)

Rm 109  /  1:00-2:20

Presider:  Kyle Fagan

Design-based Research to Improve Learning and Success in STEM

Supporting Community-based Science Learning with Augmented Reality: Families’ Explorations of Land-Water Interactions at an Arboretum
Heather Toomey Zimmerman, Professor, Learning, Design, and Technology (LDT); Susan M. Land, Professor (LDT)

It's About Time: STEM Students’ Changing Relationships with Time
Brad Sottile, Lecturer, Computer Science, and Engineering; Laura Cruz, Associate Research Professor, Schryer Institute for Teaching Excelle

Non-CS Majors' Reasoning While Programming Geometric Patterns
Emre Dinc, Doctoral Student, Learning, Design, and Technology (LDT); ChanMin Kim, Associate Professor (LD

An OER Tool for Writing-to-Learn in Undergraduate Architectural Engineering
Roy Clariana, Professor, Learning, Design, and Technology (LDT); Minkyung Lee, Doctoral Student (LDT)

BREAK /  2:20 - 2:40

Rm 107  /  2:40-4:00

Presider:  Fan Fan

Expanding Teacher Pipelines and Harnessing Teacher Identity and Emotions to Enhance Student Success

Teacher Staffing Challenges in the US and Pennsylvania
Edward Fuller, Associate Professor, Educational Leadership

Unraveling Teacher Emotion Trajectory and Identity Development Through Practitioner Inquiry: A Poststructuralist Perspective
Yun-chen Yen, Doctoral Student, Curriculum Supervision

Applying the Louvain Algorithm to Examine Emergent Groups in Online Asynchronous Discussion
Minkyung Lee, Doctoral Student, Learning, Design, and Technology (LDT); Priya Sharma, Professor (LDT)

In the Moment: Teachers' Adaptations to Literacy Instruction for Bilingual Children During COVID-19
Amy Crosson, Associate Professor, Literacies and English Language, and Second Language Education; Shuang Xie, Doctoral Student, Second Language Education

Rm 108  /  2:40-4:00

Presider:  Kevin Kinser

Improving Access and Equity in Higher Education

The Politics of Quality Assurance: Challenges to US Accreditation in a Partisan Environment
Kevin Kinser, Professor, Higher Education

Demographic Changes and Fiscal Sustainability of Public Regional Colleges and Universities
Artemio Cardenas, Doctoral Student, Higher Education

Exploring the Equity and Effectiveness of Performance-Based Funding Policies for American Higher Education
Kelly Rosinger, Associate Professor, Higher Education

Rm 109  /  2:40-4:00

Presider:  Alagammai Meyyappan

Social Change Through Youth Activism and Social Movements

Civic Education fails to affect youth voter turnout yet again: Evidence from a Quasi-experimental evaluation of State-Mandated Civics Test Policies in High Schools
Jilli Jung, Doctoral Student, Education Theory and Policy (EDTHP); Maithreyi Gopalan, Assistant Professor (EDTHP)

Grassroot Organizing and Playfulness: The zuse & Design of Board Games in Popular Education
Kamil M. Gerónimo-López, Doctoral Student, Lifelong Learning and Adult Education

Youth Football Documentaries as YA Lit: Investigating Community Cultural Wealth in We Are: The Brooklyn Saints
Jason Griffith, Assistant Professor, Literacy and Language Education

What brings people to participate in radical adult education: With the Discourse of Social Movement Participation
Junghyun Kim, Doctoral Student, Lifelong Learning and Adult Education


Afternoon Poster Sessions

Deans Hall 2  /  12:45-2:00

Board 2
Education and Authoritarian Consolidation in Egypt post 2013: is all change positive?
Rola Tarek, Doctoral Student, Lifelong Learning and Adult Education

Board 4
A Burning Matter: Investigating Data Representations in Wildfire Learning
Brandin Conrath, Doctoral Student, Science Education

Board 8
“I don’t trust banks. I prefer to keep my money under the mattress.” Examining the financial education discourse of Colombian rural communities.
Jose Sandoval-Llanos, Doctoral Student, Learning, Design, and Technology (LDT); Priya Sharma, Associate Professor (LDT)

Board 10
How Teacher Candidates Explain How A Computer Guesses: Mechanistic Reasoning about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Anna Eunji Kim, Doctoral Student, Science Education

Board 12
Newcomer Onboarding: what helps, what hinders, and their hopes
Angela Rogers, Doctoral Student, Workforce Education and Development

Board 14
Improving Evidence-Based Reasoning: A Critical Skill in the 21st Century
Hongcui Du, Doctoral Student, Educational Psychology

Board 16
Ethnographic Approaches to Teaching About Police in Preschools
Allison Henward, Associate Professor, Early Childhood Education; Ashley Patterson, Associate Professor, Language, Culture, and Society Education

Board 18
Teachers’ Design of Molecular Stories: Outcomes of a Two Week-Long Protein Modeling Professional Development Workshop
Amber Cesare, STEM Education Outreach Specialist, CSATS; Kathleen Hill, Associate Teaching Professor and Director of CSATS; Tiffany Lewis,  STEM Education Outreach Specialist, CSATS

Dean's Hall 2  /  2:00-3:15

Board 1
Wolastoqiyik Students Sense of Belonging in School
Macy Pyres, Doctoral Student, Educational Psychology (EDPSY); Matt McCrudden, Professor (EDPSY)

Board 5
How Positioning Affects Students’ Engineering Experience During Small Group Engineering Design Activities
Minyoung Gil, Doctoral Student, Science Education (SCIED); Gregory Kelly, Distinguished Professor (SCIED), Matthew Johnson, Associate Teaching Professor (SCIED)

Board 7
Bringing Current Scientific Research to Science and Engineering Classrooms: Research Experiences for Teachers
Tiffany Lewis, STEM Education Outreach Specialist, CSATS; Kathleen Hill, Associate Teaching Professor & Director, CSATS; Matthew Johnson, Associate Teaching Professor, Science Education; Jennifer Jackson, Doctoral Student, Science Education

Board 13
“Return Women’s Day to Women!”-The celebration of Women’s Day in China
Jin Han, Doctoral Student, Language, Culture, and Society Education

Board 17
In or Out? Stay or Change? Connect or Divide?  A Critical Content Analysis of Immigration-Themed Graphic Novels Reveals Intercultural Identity Tension
Chen Su, Doctoral Student, Literacies and English Language Arts (LELA); Jason Griffith, Assistant Professor (LELA)

Board 19
Who Does Astronomy? Representation in Astronomy Picture Books
Julia Plummer, Professor, Science Education