The College of Education Research Conference is an an opportunity for the college community, faculty and graduate students, to learn about each other’s work, share ideas, and build collaborations for the future.

Conference When & Where

Friday, November 3, 2023
8:30a - 4:00p
Toftrees Golf Resort & Conference Center
1 Country Club Lane, State College, PA 16803

2023 Program At-A-Glance

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Check-in & Keynote:  (Silver Maple Rooms)

  8:30-9:00    Check-in / Coffee
  9:00-10:15  Keynote Speaker

Morning Presentations:

10:15-10:30  Presentation Set-up & Morning Break
10:30-11:30  Paper Sessions
10:30-11:50  Poster Sessions

Lunch:  11:50-1:00  The Aspen Room (behind foyer)

Afternoon Presentations:

  1:10-2:30  Paper Sessions
  2:30-2:40  Break Between Paper Sessions
  2:40-4:00  Paper Sessions


Morning Presentation Sessions

Poster Session 1

Silver Maple Ballroom III /  10:30-11:05

Learning Outside the Classroom

Slow Violence, Air Quality, and the Right to Breathe: Learning With and From an Intergenerational Collective Confronting Environmental Racism
Bishara Abdul-Hamid, Doctoral Student, Learning, Design, and Technology (LDT); Ty Hollett, Associate Professor (LDT)

Families-as-Knowers: Nurturing Authentic Interdisciplinary Collaborations to Support Students with Disabilities
Lydia Ocasio-Stoutenburg, Assistant Professor, Special Education (SPLED); Karla Armendariz, Doctoral Student, Communication Sciences and Disorders; Dana Patenaude, Doctoral Student (SPLED)

Visualizing Observation: The Effect of MAR App Supported Outdoor Science Learning In Fostering Family’s Scientific Observation
Ping Xu, Doctoral Student, Learning, Design, and Technology (LDT); Heather Toomey Zimmerman, Professor (LDT); Susan Land, Professor (LDT)

Living in the Margins: Exploring Barriers to Youth Voice for Marginalized Students
Rebecca Rock, Doctoral Student, Educational Theory and Policy

The Academic Turnover Rate in the Higher Education System
Aikumis Serikbayeva, Doctoral Student, Workforce Education and Development

Volunteerism and its Impact on Workforce Education and Sustainable Development
Halimah Hathah, Doctoral Student, Workforce Education and Development

Poster Session 2

Silver Maple Ballroom III /  11:15-11:50

Education Theory, Teaching, and Teacher Education

(In)equitable Ambient Cues for Minoritized Students in STEM Classrooms
ChanMin Kim, Associate Professor, Learning, Design, and Technology (LDT); Eunseo Lee, Doctoral Student, Educational Psychology; SeriaShia Chatters, Assistant Vice Provost for Educational Equity, Emre Dinc, Doctoral Student (LDT)

Scaling Slowly: The Negotiation of Professional Vision Across a 15 Year Research-Practice Teacher Education Partnership
Scott McDonald, Professor, Science Education

The Impact of Simulation-Based Learning on Undergraduate Nursing Students’ Satisfaction and Self-Confidence in the Sultan of Oman
Azza Al Hajri, Doctoral Student, Workforce Education and Development

Re-examining English Language Arts Discussions through an Equity-Focused Systematic Review
Cory Tondreau, Doctoral Student, Educational Psychology (EDPSY); P. Karen Murphy, Distinguished Professor (EDPSY); Emilee Herman, Doctoral Student (EDPSY); Yue Tang, Doctoral Student (EDPSY)

A Critical Realist Theory-Building Methodology for Educational Research
Kirsten Tekavec, Doctoral Student, Curriculum and Instruction

Supporting Teacher Educators’ Professional Competence for Argumentation-Oriented, Discourse-Intensive Pedagogy in Mathematics Classrooms
Sara E. Baszczewski, Doctoral Student, Educational Psychology

Concurrent Paper Sessions

White Oak Room  /  10:30-11:30

Presider:   Leah Hollis

Educator Workforce Challenges

Racial Demographics of Pennsylvania Educators
Ed Fuller, Professor, Educational Leadership

Technology Competencies:  A Quantitative Study of the Perceptions of Early Career Educators
Candace Claar, Assistant Teaching Professor, Professional Personnel Development Center


White Oak Library  /  10:30-11:30

Presider:  Carla Zembal-Saul

Multiple Literacies

Intergenerational Learning Matters: Positive Findings from a Four-year Family Literacy Evaluation
Carol Clymer, Co-Director, Goodling Institute (GI) and the Institute for the Study of Adult Literacy (ISAL); Elizabeth McLean, Adjunct Assistant Teaching Professor (ISAL); Esther Prins, Co-Director (GI & ISAL) and Professor, Lifelong Learning and Adult Education (LAED); Jungeun Lee, Assistant Teaching Professor (ISAL)

Provision of Brand Information and Critical Reasoning Predict Advertising Literacy
Zheng Yao, Doctoral Student, Educational Psychology

Challenging Inequality: A Proposal to Raise Critical Consciousness About Financialization in Marginalized Communities Using a Mobile Messaging Platform
Jose Sandoval-Llanos, Doctoral Student, Learning, Design, and Technology
College Students' Use of Culture When Telling Astronomy Stories
Julia Plummer, Professor, Science Education (SCIED); Andrea Ragonese, Doctoral Student (SCIED)


Afternoon Presentation Sessions

Concurrent Paper Presentations - PM Session 1

Silver Maple Ballroom I  /  1:10-2:30

Presider:  Scott McDonald

Critical Perspectives on Access to Education, and Equity in Course Development

School Attendance Zone Boundary Changes and Segregation in a Suburban Black Enclave
Erica Frankenberg, Professor, Educational Leadership (EDLDR) and Demography; Sarah Asson, Doctoral Student (EDLDR); Ruth Krebs Buck, Doctoral Student, Geography; Chris Fowler, Associate Professor of Geography (EMS

Exploring the Adoption of Test-Optional Admissions During the Pandemic and Student Enrollment Patterns
Joseph Sturm, Doctoral Student, Education Policy Studies

The Role of Need Analysis System in Determining Parents’ Financial Support for College Education
Hyungjung Kim, Doctoral Student, Higher Education

Co-Creation of Late Assignment Policies: Fostering Collaboration, Autonomy, and Equity in Course Management
Brandy Henry, Assistant Professor, Rehabilitation and Human Services (RHS); Joy Gray, Doctoral Student, Counselor Education

Silver Maple Room II  /  1:10-2:30

Presider:  Gilbert Conchas

Belonging, Activism, and Community Integration

Before We Begin: History, Advocacy, and Law in Special Education in the Voices of Preservice Educators
Lydia Ocasio-Stoutenburg, Assistant Professor, Special Education

Recovery Capital and Community Integration for People Formerly Incarcerated
Deirdre O'Sullivan, Associate Professor, Rehabilitation and Human Services, and Counselor Education

Navigating Political Engagement as an Educational Ethnographer in Social Movements: Definitions, Challenges, and Strategies
Jaeung Kim, Doctoral Student, Lifelong Learning and Adult Education

Wolastoqey Sakolomolsluwakon Students’ Sense of Belonging in School: An Exploratory Sequential Mixed Methods Study
Macy Pyres, Doctoral Student, Educational Psychology (EDPSY); Matthew McCrudden, Professor (EDPSY); Jimena Cosso, Assistant Professor (EDPSY)

White Oak Library  /  1:10-2:10

Presider:  Greg Kelly

Design for Interactive Engagement

Addressing Disconnectedness in Collaborative Learning Through Game-Making: A Position Paper
Emre Dinc, Doctoral Student, Learning, Design, and Technology (LDT); Jennifer Classen, Doctoral Student (LDT)

The Curious Case of Lenny The Crow:   Emergent Observations of Design Appropriation in a Workplace Setting
Stephanie Bowles, Doctoral Student, Learning, Design, and Technology

Children's Shared Bilingual Reading with an Interactive E-book versus Printed Book: What’s Behind the Scenes?
Feiwen Xiao, Doctoral Student, Learning, Design, and Technology

BREAK /  2:30 - 2:40

Concurrent Paper Presentations - PM Session 2

Silver Maple Ballroom I /  2:40-4:00

Presider:  Matt McCrudden

 Issues of Inclusion in Higher Education

Doctoral Transformation and the Hero's Journey
Meaghan O'Shaughnessy, Doctoral Student,  Counselor Education

Policy versus Reality: The Current State of Inclusion for International Graduate Students at the Pennsylvania State University and the Institution’s Future Inclusion Efforts
Ghadir Al Saghir, Doctoral Student, Educational Theory and Policy

To ask or not to ask : barriers to mental health help-seeking on college campuses
Saiber Shaikh, Doctoral Student, Counselor Education (CNED); Saira A. Qureshi, Doctoral Student, Educational Theory and Policy (EDTHP); Norah Alharbi, Doctoral Student (CNED); Yijia Xu, Doctoral Student (EDTHP); Jinwon Suh, Doctoral Student (CNED)

“I Am Mexican, But I am Not Illegal”: A Student Teacher’s Learning to Teach Spanish through the Lens of Social Justice
Di Liang, Assistant Director, Intensive English Communication Program, Department of Applied Linguistics; Matthew Poehner, Professor, World Languages Education, and Applied Linguistics

Silver Maple Ballroom II /  2:40-4:00

Presider:  Rayne Sperling

Promoting Equity and Academic and Social Outcomes for All Students

Racial Disparities in ECE Stability during the Covid-19 Pandemic
Karen Babbs Hollett, Doctoral Student, Educational Leadership

Racial-Ethnic Composition and Teaching Contexts of the ECE Workforce
Rohitha Edara, Doctoral Student, Educational Theory and Policy; Erica Frankenberg, Professor of Educational Leadership, and  Demography; Karen Babbs Hollett, Doctoral Student, Educational Leadership

Remembering their Names: Purpose, Positionality, and Pedagogical Consilience Supporting Students in Special Education
Lydia Ocasio-Stoutenburg, Assistant Professor, Special Education (SPLED); Jared Van, Doctoral Student (SPLED)


White Oak Library /  2:40-4:00

Presider:  Kimberly Powell

Education Language Policies, Experiences, and Identity

Beneficial or Challenging? A Systematic Review of Research on Graphic Novels in K-12 Multilingual Education
Chen Su, Doctoral Student, Curriculum and Instruction

Empowering ESL Teachers: Designing Scratch Projects with Computational Thinking for ESL Teaching
Ehean Kim, Doctoral Student, Curriculum and Instruction; Emre Dinc, Doctoral Student, Learning, Design, and Technology

The discrepancy between policy and practice: Teachers’ perceptions of language policy in elementary Ghanaian classrooms
Phoebe Quaynor, Doctoral Student, Literacies and English Language Arts; Edwin Dartey, Doctoral Student, Applied Linguistics

Dual Language Immersion Programs and their Neighborhoods: Issues of Program Access and Representation within LAUSD Elementary Schools
Sarah Asson, Doctoral Student, Educational Leadership; Erica Frankenberg, Professor, Educational Leadership, and Demography



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