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Cross-Cutting Initiatives

College of Education faculty are pursuing a number of initiatives that cut across the traditional disciplinary boundaries of the University. Current.JPG

Center for Science and the Schools (CSATS)

CSATS facilitates mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships between K-12 schools and Penn State science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) researchers and outreach professionals, with the goal of helping to strengthen K-12 science and technology education.

Comparative and International Education (CIED)

CIED is a dual-title degree (master's and doctoral) program that trains scholars who advance our basic knowledge about schooling and education around the globe. The dual-title degree program is offered through participating graduate programs in the College of Education and other graduate programs at Penn State. The CI ED program is designed to create opportunities for a range of people—administrators and policy makers in social welfare, health education, and development; school leaders; and scholars of education.

Early Childhood Studies

The University has many scholars who are interested in early childhood. They span across several departments and colleges, including Education, Health and Human Development, and Psychology. Together they create a significant interest group devoted to early childhood research and scholarship.

These scholars and their graduate students have formed a collegial community that meets several times a semester.  Together they present and discuss work-in-progress, host outside scholars who give formal presentations, and read and critique cutting-edge research and training in the field and share potential classroom resources.