A listing of faculty who teach courses within the Early Childhood Education field.
Faculty MemberResearch Interests

Katerina Bodovski
Assistant Professor of Education

Research Emphasis:  Sociology of education, stratification and inequality, immigration, comparative and international education, sociology of children.

Gail Boldt
Associate Professor of Education
Affiliate Faculty, Women’s Studies


Research Emphasis: constructions of identity (gender, sexuality and race) in school settings, digital and new literacies, children’s popular culture, early childhood, the emotional dimensions of reading difficulties, post-structuralism and psychoanalysis.

J. Douglas Coatsworth
Associate Professor of Human Development and Family Studies


Research Emphasis: Family focused interventions, youth activity participation and identify development, and positive youth development through athletics.

Gary Cross
Distinguished Professor of Modern History


Research Emphasis: Commercialization of childhood and its impact on parental-child relations across the 20th century. Author of Kids’ Stuff: Toys and the Changing World of American Childhood and The Cute and the Cool: Wondrous Innocence and Modern American Children’s Culture.

Rick Fiene
Associate Professor of Human Development and Family Studies


Research Emphasis: Child care quality,infant development.

Mark Greenberg
Professor of Human Development and Psychology


Research Emphasis: Child-youth well-being, preventive intervention, and program development, implementation and evaluation.

Daniel Hade
Associate Professor of Education


Research Emphasis: Children’s literature

Jim Johnson
Professor of Education

Research Emphasis: Play, early childhood education curriculum, family’s role in education.


Lynn S. Liben
Distinguished Professor of Psychology, Human Development and Family Studies

Research Emphasis: Developmental psychology with focus on (a) origins of indivudal and gender differences in spatial skills and understanding spatial representations (e.g., maps), and their role in education; (b) development and educational implications of social-group stereotypes.

Maryellen Schaub
Assistant Professor of Education

Research Emphasis: Sociology of education, parenting and early childhood.


Stephanie Serriere
Assistant Professor of Education

Research Emphasis: Children experiences of democracy, early civic education.

Heather Zimmerman
Assistant Professor of Education

Research Emphasis: Learning sciences research related to (a) parents and children learning science together in museums, homes, outdoors, and community organizations and (b) connections between everyday experiences and school learning.