Literature Selections

A list of possible literature courses that Instructional I Certification Candidates in the Penn State College of Education can take to meet a literature requirement.

For Instructional I Certification Candidates

All candidates formally admitted to Instructional I certification programs after August 15, 2001 must complete a 3 credit LITERATURE selection from the following list.

Additional courses focusing specifically on literature may be considered as substitutions for this PDE requirement through the usual petition process.

Forms for ED students are available at Student Forms and Policies

Literature Selections:

CMLIT 001 (IL)--Introduction to Western Literatures Through the Renaissance

CMLIT 002 (IL)--Introduction to Western Literatures Since the Renaissance

CMLIT 003(IL)--Introduction to African Literatures

CMLIT 004 (IL)--Introduction to Asian Literatures

CMLIT 005 (IL, US)--Introduction to Literatures of the Americas

CMLIT 006 (IL)--Philosophy and Literature in Western Culture

CMLIT 010 (IL)--World Literatures

CMLIT 011 (IL)--The Hero in World Literature

CMLIT 083S (IL)--First-Year Seminar in Comparative Literature

CMLIT 100 (IL)--Reading Across Cultures

CMLIT 101 (IL, US)--Race, Gender, and Identity in World Literature

CMLIT 105 (IL)--The Development of Literary Humor

CMLIT 106 (IL)--The Arthurian Legend

CMLIT 107 (IL)--Exploration, Travel, Migration and Exile

CMLIT 108 (IL)--Myths and Mythologies

CMLIT 110 (IL, US)--Jewish Literature: An International Perspective

CMLIT 111 (IL)--Introduction to Literatures of India

CMLIT 120 (IL)--The Literature of the Occult

CMLIT 141 (IL, US)--Religion and Literature

CMLIT 153 (IL)--International Cultures Through Literature and Film

ENGL 001--Understanding Literature

ENGL 002--The Great Traditions in English Literature

ENGL 003--The Great Traditions in American Literature

ENGL 104--The Bible as Literature

ENGL 129--Shakespeare

ENGL 132--Introduction to Jewish American Literature

ENGL 133--Modern American Literature to World War II

ENGL 134--American Comedy

ENGL 135 (US)--Alternative Voices in American Literature

ENGL 139 (US)--Black American Literature

ENGL 140--Contemporary Literature

ENGL 145--Modern Irish Literature

ENGL 180--Literature and the Natural World

ENGL 182--Literature of the Empire

ENGL 184 (IL)--The Short Story

ENGL 185 (IL)--The Modern Novel in World Literature

ENGL 189 (IL)--Modern Drama

ENGL 191--Science Fiction

ENGL 192--The Literature of Fantasy

ENGL 194 (IL, US)--Women Writers

ENGL 200--Introduction to Critical Reading

ENGL 201--What is Literature

ENGL 221--British Literature to 1798

ENGL 222--British Literature from 1798

ENGL 226--Latina and Latina Border Theories

ENGL 231--American Literature to 1865

ENGL 232--American Literature from 1865

ENGL/CHEM 233--Chemistry and Literature

ENGL 240--Exploring Literary Traditions

ENGL 261--Exploring Literary Forms

ENGL 262--Reading Fiction

ENGL 263--Reading Poetry

ENGL 265--Reading Nonfiction

ENGL 268--Reading Drama

CAMS 001--Greek and Roman Literature

CAMS 034--Latin Literature in English Translation

CAMS 045 (IL)--Classical Mythology