Academic Exception Petition Form

Information on how to proceed with an academic exception petition form. Intended for students in the Penn State College of Education.


  1. After reviewing your degree audit report with your academic adviser, determine which of the exceptions described below is/are appropriate for your academic program.
  2. State below precisely which exception(s) is/are being requested, and justify your statement.

  3. Review your written statement with your academic adviser and secure comments, recommendations, and signatures from your adviser and, if appropriate, the Program Head.

  4. Fill in the top section on the back of this form and forward the completed petition to your college Dean's Office.

  5. Notification of action taken by your Dean's Office will be mailed to the address you provide on the back of this form.

Description of academic exceptions:

  1. Course Substitution: Another specific course fulfills the intent of a course which may be selected in a requirement.
  2. Credit Waiver: A specified number of credits is considered complete within a requirement or sub-requirement. An equal number of credits is required toward the completion of the total credits earned for the degree program. NOTE: A separate credit waiver action is required to waive any credits from the total credits needed for graduation.
  3. Requirement or Sub-requirement Completed: This exception completes the requirement or sub-requirement without the use of substitutions or waivers. Generally, this action should be used only if a course substitution, credit waiver, or course waiver action does not meet your needs.
  4. Course Waiver: A specified course requirement is considered complete. Credits associated with the course are not considered complete unless a credit waiver is also initiated.

Click here to view and download the Academic Petition Form.