Working Subcommittees

The subcommittees of the Penn State College of Education diversity and community enhancement committee.


Faculty and GA Planning subcommittee 

The faculty Survey Committee is charged with planning, organizing, and executing the upcoming diversity workshop for the College of Education Community. 

  • Subcommittee Members: Carlos Zalaquett*, Isaac Bretz, J.T. Taylor, Kaleena Selfridge, Seria Chatters *, 

Undergraduate Planning Subcommittee

The undergraduate survey committee is charged with using the 2013-2014 undergraduate survey to organize various diversity workshops for the undergraduate community. 

  • Subcommittee Members: Ashley Patterson*, Efrain Marimon*, Andrea Kolb, Dana Stuchul, Elizabeth Smolcic, 

Staff Subcommittee 

The staff subcommittee is charged with organizing, planning, and executing staff events including the upcoming staff retreat. 

  • Members include: Amity Maines, Gary Abdullah, Linda Oishi, Samantha Walker *, Susan Bass, Wanda Wasilko.

Website Subcommittee

  • Members include: Isaac Bretz*

Social Media and Outreach Website/Online Presence

  • Members include: Kyle Peck* 

* contact person for committees