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Dr. Diandra Prescod

Dr. Diandra Prescod
Phone: (814) 863-8115
Office Address:
301 CEDAR Building
University Park, PA 16802
Campus: University Park


Assistant Professor of Education (Counselor Education)
Coordinator of Career Counseling Emphasis


Diandra J. Prescod is an Assistant Professor of Education (Counselor Education) and Coordinator of the Career Counseling emphasis. Her areas of research focus on career development interventions for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) undergraduate students and the journeys of women/students of color in higher education.

Courses Taught

Research in Counselor Education

Facilitating Career Development

Management of College and University Career Centers

Foundations of Career Development and Counseling Information

Counseling Theory and Method

Representative Publications

Belser, C. T., Shillingford, M. A., Daire, A. P., Prescod, D. J., & Dagley, M. A. (In press). Factors influencing undergraduate retention in STEM majors: Career development, math ability, and demographics. The Professional Counselor.

Prescod, D.J., Daire, A.P., Young, C., Dagley, M., & Georgiopoulos, M. (2018). Exploring negative career thoughts between STEM declared and STEM interested students. Journal of Employment Counseling, 55(4), 166-176.

Edwin, M. & Prescod, D.J. (2018). Fostering elementary career exploration with an interactive, technology-based career development unit. Journal of School Counseling, 16(13). Retrieved from http:/

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Belser, C.T., Prescod, D.J., Daire, A.P., Dagley, M., & Young, C. (2018). The influence of career planning on negative career thoughts with STEM-interested undergraduates. The Career Development Quarterly, 66, 176-181.

Belser, C.T., Prescod, D.J., Daire, A.P., Dagley, M., & Young, C. (2017). Predicting undergraduate retention in STEM majors based on career development factors. The Career Development Quarterly, 65, 88-93.

Dagley, M., Young, C., Georgiopoulos, M., Daire, A.P., Parksinson, C.T., Prescod, D.J., & Belser, C. (2016). Recruiting undecided admits to pursue a STEM degree. American Association for Engineering Education. Conference Proceeding Paper #14924.

Zeligman, M., Prescod, D.J. & Greene, J. (2015). Journey towards becoming a counselor education doctoral student: Perspectives of women of color. Journal of Negro Education, 84, 66-79.

*Prescod, D.J. & Daire, A. (2013). Career intervention considerations for unwed young black mothers in the United States. Adultspan Journal, 12(2), 91-99. (Association for Adult Development and Aging Outstanding Journal Article Award, 2014)