The DI (Discipline Inquiry) Block is a group of courses that CEAED candidates take after the Language and Literacy (LLED) Block and before the student teaching semester.

The DI Block consists of three courses on teaching and learning the content of mathematics (MTHED 420), science (SCIED 458), social studies (SS ED 430W), and a course accompanying a classroom placement (C I 495A).

Whereas the three methods courses are based on campus, candidates in the DI Block travel to their assigned placement classroom throughout the semester, where they observe and assist an experienced classroom teacher. Also as part of the C I 495A course, the candidates have a university supervisor who provides support and feedback about meeting professional expectations and planning and teaching lessons.

The three methods courses address issues and approaches that are unique to their respective disciplines, but they also share several emphases and objectives. All three courses contain readings, activities, and assignments that draw upon and inform the candidates’ classroom field experience.

The methods courses also emphasize the importance of developing informed and inquiring perspectives about teaching, learning, assessment, curriculum, and technology within and among particular subject matters. At the completion of the DI Block, candidates are prepared to assume increased responsibility in teaching children in classroom settings.

When scheduling for the DI Block be sure to register under C I 497 (Discipline Inquiry Block) and not under the individual courses.

All of the above courses must be taken in the same semester (as a block course).

For class times, please look under the individual courses in the schedule of courses.

During the DI block, teacher candidates continue their work on their web-based teaching portfolios. For further information, visit Web-Based Teaching Portfolio.

For questions or more information regarding the DI Block please contact the Curriculum and Instruction Field Experiences Office (CIFE).