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As of December 13, 2010, the doctoral program in Counseling Psychology will no longer be accepting applications for admission or admitting new students, with closure of the program planned for the future.


Counseling Psychology Ph.D. Program

The APA-accredited Counseling Psychology Ph.D. Program prepares counseling psychologists for professional roles as academics, researchers, and practitioners. Our goal is that these psychologists will apply interventions in individual behavior and institutional settings with a focus on relational, multicultural, career, and psychosocial issues.

Goals and Objectives:

  • To foster students' development of competence as scientists, researchers, and scholars, including their knowledge of the ways in which practice influences science.
  • To foster students' development of competence as practitioners, including their knowledge of the ways in which science influences practice.
  • To foster the development of counseling psychologists who demonstrate their multicultural sensitivity, awareness, knowledge, and competence in their training and professional work.
  • To provide broad and general training in the field of psychology while also fostering students' professional development and identity as counseling psychologists.

Approach to Training

  • The Counseling Psychology Program endorses the scientist-practitioner model of training. Psychological training is provided within a scientist-practitioner model with equal emphasis and value on both scholarly and clinical work as well as their integration.
  • We strive to engender a multicultural perspective in our students. At Penn State, we do not merely recognize the diversity represented in our faculty, student, and clients, we actively affirm the richness of our cultures and we embrace the continual challenge of examining ourselves to determine how to more effectively serve a pluralistic society. Housed within the College of Education, we aspire to the following values espoused by the College: equity and social justice, diversity of ideas and cultures; individual and collective excellence, outstanding teaching and service; and scholarly research and professional collaboration.

Counseling Psychology Faculty

  • Our faculty research interests are diverse and include:
    • application of attachment theory to self-disclosure and internalized heterosexism in sexual minority youth and young adults
    • professional psychology training and education issues pertaining to sexual minority issues
    • integration of psychology and spirituality, particularly in the area of mindfulness
    • countertransference
    • application of social cognitive career theory to the development of scientist-practitioners in professional psychology
    • college student mental health
  • Relative to counseling and psychotherapy, our faculty is perhaps best described as utilizing a multiculturally infused and humanistic base, coupled with a research-oriented eclecticism that includes psychodynamic, feminist, client-centered, interpersonal, family systems, and other models.

Program Quality

  • The Ph.D. program in Counseling Psychology has been accredited by the American Psychological Association since 1982 (Office of Program Consultation & Accreditation, 750 First Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002-4242; (202) 336-5979).
  • For over a decade, 100% of our students have successfully matched APA-approved, paid, pre-doctoral internship sites.