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Summary page of contact information for the EPS Department

Department of Education Policy Studies
The Pennsylvania State University
300 Rackley Building
University Park, PA 16802
(814) 863-0619
FAX: (814) 865-1480

Faculty Administrators

NamePositionOffice AddressE-mail Address
Kevin Kinser Department Head 311 Rackley Building
David Gamson Director of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies 310D Rackley Building


NamePositionOffice AddressE-mail Address
Katerina Bodovski Educational Theory & Policy (EDTHP) 310F Rackley Building
David Guthrie Coordinator, M.Ed. in Higher Education Program (HIED) 405D Rackley Building
Gerald LeTendre Comparative & International Education (CIED) 310G Rackley Building
Leticia Oseguera Higher Education Program (HIED) 404F Rackley Building
Ed Fuller Educational Leadership (EDLDR) 204D Rackley Building
Mary Ellen Schaub Major Coordinator, Education & Public Policy Program (EPP) 302C Rackley Building


NamePositionOffice AddressE-mail Address
Erica Frankenberg Advisor-at-Large 207B Rackley Building
David Gamson Advisor-at-Large 310D Rackley Building

 Staff Contacts

NamePositionOffice AddressE-mail AddressPhone Number
Sue Tighe Administrative Coordinator 311 Rackley Building (814) 863-0619
Sally Kelley Curriculum, Web & Technology Support 400 Rackley Building (814) 865-3449
Nicole Kirk Budget Support 300 Rackley Building (814) 863-3760
Susan Bass HIED Support 400 Rackley Building (814) 863-2690
Barbara Duncan EDLDR Support 200 Rackley Building (814) 865-1487
Linda Oishi EDTHP Support 300 Rackley Building (814) 865-1488