Ph.D. Candidacy

The purpose of candidacy is to evaluate a student’s capacity to satisfactorily complete the degree requirements, particularly with respect to completing a quality dissertation. The candidacy process typically begins at or approaching the time when the student has completed 18 credits in the EDLDR program. The typical timeline for full-time would be to submit for advancement to candidacy in the student's third semester, but must submit before completion of third semester or completion of 27 credit hours.

To demonstrate such capacity, students must submit a qualifying paper. This paper may be a conceptual paper or a review of research and must be an entirely new work product by the student. Students should work with their adviser to develop the title, topic and paper format. Any qualifying paper not meeting the guidelines as determined by the Candidacy Director will not be accepted and will be returned to the student. The student will have two weeks to ensure that the paper meets the aforementioned guidelines and resubmit it to the Candidacy Director.

More detailed information on the format, types of papers, grading process, etc. can be found in the Student Handbook for Doctoral Degree Students.

In addition to the qualifying paper, students will work with their adviser to complete a candidacy form.  The form includes the following:

  1. A brief statement of research interests, goals for the program, and career goals.
  2. A program plan listing courses already and those planned to be taken in the future.

Candidacy decisions are made during the EDLDR faculty meetings. Students must have a grade for all courses when applying for candidacy.