Ph.D. Core Requirements

Ph.D. students, with guidance from their academic advisers, are expected to identify and design a program plan for degree completion around a particular research concentration. The program plan identifies the area of concentration and indicates an appropriate course of study.

EDLDR Proseminar (3 credit hours)

EDLDR 597 Research, Policy and Evaluation in Educational Leadership (3 credit hours)

EDLDR Coursework (12-15 hours selected in conjunction with student’s academic adviser)

Areas of Concentration

The following are examples of concentration areas in the EDLDR program. Students are encouraged to complete at least one course in each of these 4 areas:

  1. Leadership and organization
  2. Education policy, politics and law
  3. Acquiring and allocating resources
  4. Ethics, diversity, and special populations

Research Course Requirements (Minimum of 12 credit hours)
Ph.D. students are required to complete the following research courses: 

  1. A 3-credit course with statistical focus up to multivariate inference
  2. A 3-credit course with focus on qualitative research methods
  3. A 3-credit advanced course in either of the above areas (including course work in Mixed Methods)
  4. EDLDR 585 Research Design

Supporting Field (Minimum of 9 credit hours)

These courses are selected from outside of the EDLDR Program. They may include other College of Education courses, and courses outside the College are also strongly encouraged. All supporting field courses should be at the 500-level or above; however, appropriate 400-level courses may be approved by the adviser.  As noted above, a student may choose to have research as a supporting field and substitute additional research courses to fulfill this requirement.

Independent Study Courses (no more than 6 credit hours)

Ph.D. students may not enroll in more than 6 credit hours of independent study credits. All Independent Study courses must receive the approval of both the Program Chair and the Department Chair. The approval should occur prior to the first day of class in which the independent study course should be undertaken. Thus, students and faculty should plan ahead accordingly.

Dissertation Research (credit hours will vary--typically a minimum of 6 credit hours)

In addition to coursework, six stages are required for completion of the program. Students must be registered and tuition paid at the time of each stage.